Thursday, 12 July 2012

HimeGyaru Deco Case and Nails


So, I haven't had time to do much lately, but I quickly made a HimeGyaru case for my 'Nintendo DS' that Neton bought me for Christmas. I haven't really used it much, but I think I'll use it more now I have a cute case to go on it haha >_<

It's not completely finished yet, but here it is at the moment:

I might also try adding a layer of protection over it, like Blingsheild does.

I also made some nails today too, HimeGyaru nails:

(The index and ring finger and polka-dot)

It's been cool today, we've been out on the trampoline and I think we're going to go back out to it with our laptops to play 'Zombie Defense Agency' haha >_< I'm actually really freaked out by zombies, but they're only cartoons so.................

Anyhoo...... here are some more nails I've been making:

White, glitter nails:

These nails aren't finished yet, I've only done the base so far:

They don't even have a top-coat on yet!

These nails aren't finished either:

I'm trying to improve my nail painting skill (if I actually have any to begin with!)

It's especially difficult when I'm using a cocktail stick to do everything haha

I also tried making some simple nails quite a while ago, but I reeeeaaallly don't like them at all:

They're actually transparent at the base, the white stuff is just tack I use to hold them to the stick, here is one without the stick (on the left):

They turned out sooooo bad

So, yeah........ I think I'll just use nail polish remover on these and start over haha

Now for a couple of questions from my 'ask box'!:

A very interesting question! (For those who wonder what this person is talking about, I've mentioned before that I'm never having children and if I do I'll adopt. I think I mentioned once that to make sure I don't I might even have myself sterilised)
Q: What if, when you sterilise yourself, the world ends and it's up to you to repopulate the Earth?
A: Then Earth will have finally triumphed over it's worst virus. This planet, and everything on it, will be much, MUCH better off without the human race.

Also, may I just add here, I'm confused when people say 'THE Earth"............ it's just 'Earth'....... do you say "THE Saturn"? It's a name...... maybe I'm just confused haha

Q: Are you still manba?
A: Yes! Just not all the time! I still dress manba occasionally, I haven't had much time lately =/

Oh, before I forget - can anyone help me with my layout? I find the whole thing very confusing and I don't really like the look of my blog. It just doesn't seem 'professional'........ if that's the right word.

I'm also not sure about staying on this site, I have 1000s of Tumblr followers, 1000s of Facebook 'friends' and 1000s of Youtube subscribers........... but like 160 followers on here! I don't understand! I know there are more people than that looking at my blog because it says how many views next to the post in my 'dashboard' thing......... ah well. 

Anyhoo, I'll appreciate any advice or suggestions for what I can do with this blog layout =]
Well, that's it for now! 

I'm going back out to the trampoline, yay!



  1. omg i love the case! will u sell them in ur shop?

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure yet, I haven't really thought about it <3

  2. and those nails 2 are u selling those in ur shop?

  3. why dont u want children? x

    1. Ah, well I did a long rant on this on my old blog here:

  4. LOL i luv ur answer to the end of the earth question!

  5. I love the case! I showed my husband and he's like omg a little would steel your DS lol.

  6. Awh that DS case is super cute!
    I myself am a huge DS nerd :'3 its the main game system I play haha.
    Zombies! I made my family plan out what we do if zombies were to attack... (>.>;) You never know! hahaha
    Wow! You have so many nail creations going on (*w*) so pretty!
    I really like the ones you haven't finished yet with the yellow,blue and pink colours - so vibrant and funky! ;D
    I hope you're doing well? (^__^) <3

    1. Haha I'm actually really scared of zombies >_< I wish I had a plan, I might make one! <3

  7. OMG!!They're all so lovely!!
    You're very talented!!