Monday, 9 July 2012

I'm the village idiot and I was put in the stocks then in jail

................ Can you tell I couldn't think of a title? Hahahaa

So, I haven't been online much because my sister is visiting England for a short while and, obviously, I haven't seen her in a very long time - or even spoken to her actually. So I've been spending a little time with her. We went to a museum and it was really cool.

Anyhoo, first I want to talk about some things I bought lately! As you may know, Neton and I are staying in Leeds (house and pet sitting). While we were here we went shopping, I really miss living in Leeds for the shops!

First is this pink bag - I seriously love it so much:

 Then some new makeup:
Bunny ears, because they were really cheap haha:
Then a few more nail polishes:

Oh, and I made my sister and her fiance a cake:

I also got to see my wonderful little Brodie again!:

 (I scribbled out my face, but look how cute Brodie is!)

Then here I am with Dinah:

Dinah is 23 years old, the same age as me! We've been sisters my whole life! =]

(She's blind in one eye)

Anyway, here we are in jail!:

 We went to York but it was flooded!:

 It got a lot worse later too

I made my sister some nails while she's over here but she doesn't like 'blinged out' stuff =/ So I tried to make her some simple nails:

 And, because I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to do my own nails at all - so I've attempted doing them in a moving car on the way to places........... they turned out really bad each time hahaha:

 My favourite are the plain pink >_<

At the museum there were some cool holograms in the prison cells:

They looked like ghosts!

There was a 60s section of the museum, it had a pink shop!

 I had a photo taken in front of it but I was blinking! >_<

The museum had different rooms, I love the Georgian one:

Here we are, both in the stocks!:

 Here we are with a horse:

 There were some Italian students there on a field trip, they kept looking at me strange and Neton said they were talking about me in Italian. I don't really know much Italian but I do know how to say "Oh my god! That cow just fell over!"

So I said that and they looked really shocked and looked around! >_<

Here I am teaching a geography lesson:

And these are a few photos from today, I decided to put oil treatment back in my hair and wear a wig over it:

Oh! And now for some news!

I've decided to study for a degree!

This morning I enrolled in a Science Honours Degree! It will be mainly focusing on Astronomy and planetary science, but will also cover physics, maths and others too!

I'm so excited to start studying! I don't start until October though >_< I can't wait!

A little bad news though, I'm going blind in one eye......... hopefully it won't happen for a while - my eyesight is very important to me over all the senses. Obviously, because I love visual things and creating artistic things like makeup and stuff. Also dancing, astronomy........ almost everything I love is to do with sight =/ 

Ah well, there's nothing I can do about it! At least I have my other eye, even though it's quite blurred too! (Btw, did you know I'm deaf in one ear? And quite hard of hearing too - so it sucks so much! >_<)

Science and technology is moving forward an incredible amount in the past 100-or-so years, so perhaps they will create something for this. Here's hoping!

Anyhoo, if you see my makeup getting worse on one eye - that might be why! Hahahaha >_<



  1. LOL @ u in the stocks. u still look cute when ur the village idiot LMAO XD

  2. btw is ur sister darker than u then?

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your eye and ear. I know these things must suck. Your photos are so nice! I am working in Ireland now and I wanted to visit England but I don't think I will have time. What wig did you wear while doing the hair treatment? It is really nice!

    1. Thanks! It's just a cheap one from Ebay!

      Yeah, I guess there's no point worrying about what I can't change though =] <3

  4. So, so sad to hear about your eye issue. Is there any particular reason why, if you don't mind me asking? Like is it a genetic issue? Congratulations on picking up a degree to do, that's so cool!

    1. I'm not sure - I tend to get ill a lot, I have a few different issues with my health so I guess it could be linked to one of those.

      Thanks! I seriously can't wait to start studying the cosmos! I've always found the universe so fascinating! <3

  5. OMG I totally love the bag *___*
    I'm really sorry to hear about your problems with eye :( Hope that it will be better :)

    1. Thanks =]

      Yeah, I'm seriously in love with the bag haha <3

  6. The bag is so gorgeouse!! Love it
    You must have had a great time in that museum, haha! xD

    And I'm so sad that you have problems in your eye .__.
    Is it because you wear circle lenses so often? Or is it just a sickness?
    I hope it doesn't get worse for a loooooooooooong time!!

    1. Thanks! It was so fun!

      No, it isn't from circle lenses - so I can still wear them! Yay! Haha =] <3

  7. I really love this bag *Q* You're so talented with everything: makeup, hair, nails and even cake! I admire you!I hope your health is getting better soon!!!

  8. If it makes you feel any better... I have the hearing thing too and I've also considered getting an earpick! Hope your feeling better!... sorry I'm posting Anonymous! .... xoxox Adel.... <3

  9. love the pink baggg!!! *-*
    what's the brand?