Friday, 20 July 2012

New wig and recent purchases

So I have a new wig, it's long and brown. I wore it the other day:

 (messy room haha)

I've also bought a few new things! I decided to actually buy a nude lipstick, I've never had one because I usually use concealer. I got sick of using concealer as lipstick.

I'm wearing it in this photo:

It's more pink/orange than I thought it would be, but - compared to other nude lipsticks I've been trying - it's the best so far.

I also got a new hat, it's pink (I know it looks purple in the photos):

Oh, and a dappen dish! I decorated it with glitter and UV gel! Here it is before:

..... under the lamp after the first coat:

..... and after!:

 It's much more pink and sparkly in real life! I think I'll probably add some gems and pearls etc too.

I also got a new bag from Ebay, it was only like £2! I got it cheap because it's kind of broken - but I don't care! It's still usable! 

The inside of it is leopard print and it has a cute crown on the front!

And, lastly, are two pairs of sunglasses:

(I love these! /\ They're very 80's!)

Brodie came to visit for a while!:

I don't have any photos of myself apart from this one:

Hahahaha >_< It's funny so I thought I'd put it up anyway!

So, now I'll answer a few FAQs from my ask box!:

(I think the first 2 are probably linked to my recent video)

Q) Are there no romance films you like?
A) No, I really don't like watching them. The only ones I like are ones like "Imagine you and Me" (I've actually watched that film a lot!)

Q How many funerals have you been to?
A) I'm not actually sure, I can't count them all. At least 2 per year as a child, sometimes more - but the last few years it's been about 1 per year I think. Where I grew up a lot of young people died. The funerals are getting less often now, but I'm not sure if it's because a lot of the people I knew have died!

Q) Do you watch Bollywood?
A) Yes! I grew up watching Bollywood films, I absolutely love them! I haven't really watched any lately though!

Q) Will you make a video of you talking Hindi?
A) I'm not sure, maybe. But I don't think many people would be interested in that!

If you have any questions you want me to answer, send them here:



  1. luv the wig, lipstick and bag! xx

  2. Good haul! You look so gorgeous again!

  3. Wow I didn't know you spoke Hindi that is pretty cool! Are you fluent? Also the glass is really cool. How did you paint it? With regular polish? Or a special kind?

    1. Thanks! No, I'm not fluent at all haha, but I'm trying to learn more!

      I painted it with Builder gel and glitter <3

  4. I love all of your things :3 And this brown wig suits you very well *.*

  5. nice wig ^^
    I love the way you decorate ur stuff.always so adorable <3