Monday, 11 June 2012

Recent buys and lots of nails

So, as you may know, I've been addicted to making nails lately!

So, here are a few I've been making:

Hm.... So, I think I'll start with this blue set:

I've never made a blue set before. Obviously, I'm usually obsessed with pink so if I make a set of 1 colour, it's gonna be pink!

I really like them though, I like the stripy one and the silver one that's covered in mirrors. I wish you could see them in real life, they're so shiny!

Next I'll show you another blue set, but these were made to match a new dress I bought for cheap on Ebay:

I made the nails to go with the dress when I wear it, I can't wait to wear them both together! I hope I get better soon >_< 

Here you can see them on the dress fabric. The blue and leopard print is separated by chains, just like on the cloth. I tried my best to match the blue shade to the dress.

Next I'll show you my first attempt at 'Ora ora' nails! I've never used red before....... I used to hate the colour, but I'm forcing myself to use it now. It's actually quite a nice colour!:

I tried to do a checked design on the thumb, but it's a little wonky! Then I used sanskrit to create a signature 'Ora ora' look!

Next are some new pink Himegyaru nails:

I just love using pink glitter so much, but I'm never satisfied with the end result..... I just want them to be pure pink, sparkly goodness! Haha

Now for another set:

I just went for a simple pink and gold design with these. A very minimal, 5 minute nail set.

As I said in my previous post, I've fallen in love with using fabric for nail art (There's a finished set in the previous post) 

Here's some I made today with some pink and gold fabric:

I seriously love these so much. I want to finish them but I don't know what to do....... what do you think?

I don't want to hide to prettiness of the pattern with big gems etc, but I don't want to leave them blank....... hm.......

Ooooh, next is one of my favourite fabric nails I've made so far:

It's a very shiny purple fabric. It looks almost like snakeskin, and it's kind of two-tone. I seriously love it!

Next is a shiny pink cloth:

Apart from, it doesn't look shiny because the uv gel needed to be evened out by filing and I think it scuffed the fabric a little or something. It kind of looks like pink demin though, so I still kind of like these.

And, lastly, are my least favourite:

It's actually the same cloth as the above set, just a darker shade of pink. It doesn't look pink in the photos though, it looks sort of red =/

So, they were some of the nails I've been making recently!

Last week a few things arrived from Ebay!

First is this awesome nail ring:

It's so cool, but it's a little big =[ I'll still find a way to wear it though >_<

Secondly is this moustache ring:

Pink Zebra ring:

Oh and this morning my new sports bra arrived! I lost my old one so I've been waiting for this for so long >_< I might deco it haha

And Neton brought me back some new nail files today, since I've used all my others up on all the nails I've been making! >_<

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to say................... I always seem to end my posts like this these days! Hahaha <3


  1. how u put fabric on nail?

    1. 1. Apply any nail polish onto the base nail (this is to adhere the fabric)
      2. Press your chosen fabric onto the nail (choose sections of the fabric you want to use and cut them out beforehand)
      3. Make sure the fabric is completely stuck to all areas of the nail. Then, using small scissors, trim around the edges
      4. Apply a UV gel over the fabric and cure it until it hardens
      5. Wipe off the residue and apply a top coat to finish!

      Good luck! =] <3

  2. OMG the dress is awesome!!! I can't wait for photo of outfit :)
    And I love the nails ♥

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I love it so much, it was really cheap too! <3

  3. wow, you are really making a lot of nails. The blue ones are my favorites.
    btw I love your style - it is so fake and fascinating

  4. Ohh I really like the first blue set of nails! The must be super sparkly in person~ I have the same mustache ring but in black >‿‿<


  5. You really got the talent on making nails!! >_<
    Recently,I tried to do my nails also but it turned out very bad XD

  6. omg I cannot wait to order some of your nails one day ^ ^