Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Flower Circle Lenses! And ugly nail varnish....

So a while ago I got some circle lenses with a flower pattern on! They're so pretty!

I loved them so much, I wore them for the Gaijin Gyaru Awards, and a few people have messaged me asking what lenses I wore, so here's a review for them!

I've been wearing these lenses a lot lately, so most of my recent photos are with these lenses.

The lenses are 'Geo Coco Eye Brown' and they're from Mukuchu:

So first let's look at the lens:

So, as you can see, there's a flower on the lens! 


So for design I definitely give this a 10/10! I don't know if I've ever given a 10/10 before >_<

I just love how original the design is, instead of the usual block-colour, or iris pattern. These lenses actually make your eyes look like flowers, especially if your eye colour matches the lenses, like mine did.

(Please ignore my makeup in some of these photos, the makeup in some was to be viewed from afar and didn't look as good up close!)

So, here is a before and after of the lenses:



Not the most enlarging lenses I've had, so that means they'd look good with both extreme AND natural makeup. 

They do make the eyes appear much larger though



These are up in my 'TOP 5' most comfortable lenses to wear. They're very durable and easy to clean. They don't seem to dry out as much as other lenses either..... I don't know if that's just me or something to do with the lenses, but they're great to wear.

So, overall, I give these lenses a........... 8/10!

I would definitely recommend these lenses to almost anyone!

They make me want to do flower makeup to match them, I might do actually!

If you get these lenses, show me the makeup you do to match them!

Now...... onto the other topic in the title of this post......

The worst nail varnish I have ever seen!

Most of you will know that I rarely criticise anything, but I just had to post about this!

Neton got me some new nail varnish today, 2 pinks, a blue and....... this:

I don't want to seem ungrateful but...... it's just so horrible! Hahaha >_<

Neton could tell I hated it by looking at my face.

I sat there, staring at it for ages, trying to think of a way I could possibly use it.......... I can usually think of a way to use anything...... but my mind was blank!

He said it was worth getting it to see how much I hated it, because it was funny >_<

(He knew I wouldn't like it by the way - luckily, it was really cheap)

I couldn't face to even put any of it on my nails, so I used Netons instead:


It just reminds me of those horrible, cheap, tacky tinsel wigs....... I love some tacky stuff but........ it just looks like a toddler did it.......... I can't even find words to explain!

I really, REAAALLLY hope someone, somewhere likes this nail varnish, and it's just me and my opinion that sees it as horrible! 

.................. Do any of you like it? How would you wear it? I just can't think of any way I could use this........ I'll keep trying because it will give my creativity a good workout! Haha

There's 2 layers of it on Netons nails in the photos.....

I never really use red anyway (I want to start using it though, I've hated the colour red for soooooo many years, I'm going to force myself to use it soon)

And the shade of green I can't imagine using.... unless it was with gold.

That shade of blue I would only use with other shades of blue or perhaps white/black

And silver and gold.... I would actually use them together..... but not with any of these colours!

This is just my opinion though! Like I said, I really hope some people like this nail varnish! If everyone hates it as much as I do....... I really feel sorry for the designer! >_<

That was a change anyway, blogging about something I don't like! There isn't much I don't like, but this definitely makes the list! 



  1. love the lenses, hate the nail polish lol

    1. Haha I'm sort of happy to know it isn't just me who hates it! I hope some people like it though >_< <3

  2. how much r the lenses?

    1. I'm not actually sure, look on the Mukuchu website:


      I think there's a sale on all Geo lenses at the moment! <3

  3. Wow! Those lenses are adorable! (*o*) I really like them!
    I've been making a little mental list of what lenses I want and these are deffinatly being added (*w*) haha, such a cute design!
    Also... Thats a very interesting nail polish :') haha
    I can see why you dont like it (>,<) it looks like little kids would use it haha

    1. Ah, they would look great on you! I've actually been wearing them too much, I need to start wearing some of my others for a change!

      Haha, I'm actually determined to find a use for that nail varnish, I want it to have a purpose >_< <3

  4. The lenses actually look really stunning on you though I'm not a big fan of them you pull them off superb.
    and well the nailcolour is really awful. I mean it just doesn't look right in my eyes those colours don't fit together at all and thats saying from an art student xD
    Looks like confetti though somehow . . .maybe for carneval then ??

    1. Thank you!

      I know! Well, it's actually called 'Carnival'...... so hopefully someone will wear it for something like that.

      I can't get over the colours either, it really reminds me of something a toddler would create haha <3

  5. I love those lenses too ;3
    Omg, I agree.. that nail varnish looks awful... XD it's like... hahaha.. it looks so CHEAP!