Sunday, 10 June 2012

Matching nails OOTD and birthday party

So on Friday it was Netons little brothers birthday party! He turned 5! 

Here is what I wore:

I just wore the usual. I really miss my leopard print scarf >_< I can't find another one like it! I can't believe I lost it!

I decided to try making matching nails to the dress, I made them only a few hours before we set off haha

I used some left over cloth from the dress as the base for the nails, then applied uv nail gel over the top of it.

Then on other nails I did leopard print (to match my sleeves) and gold (I wore gold shoes)

I really love these nails, I've become obsessed with using fabric for nail bases now - I've made a few other bases with different fabric that's been laying around

I really love this new ring too:

You can see more how the nails match the dress fabric in this photo

We were late arriving to the party and decided to take some photos outside before it got too dark:

Then Netons mum opened the door hahaha:

She's the nicest person I know, she reminds me of Ron Weasleys mum

I did very simple makeup, I haven't done my eyeliner so thin for a long time!

After I finished my makeup, I don't know why I decided to take a photo, I think I just thought my hair looked funny:

Now for a few tumblr questions!:

Q) What country do you find the strangest and why?

A) Hm..... I think it has to be the USA. I just relate to Americans the least out of everyone, I think. I don't know if it's just me and how I was raised. It's not necessarily a bad thing, like the families seem so close, the children actually have a say in how they're raised and get hugs and stuff. I don't think that's just America though because Netons family all hug each other - they hug me too! The first time his mum hugged me I didn't know what to do and just felt so awkward! Hahahaha I've never really hugged before. Hm.... seems like I can't explain the American thing. I just can't relate to America, they seem very closed off from the rest of the world, obviously not every American, but in general. I guess I don't really know much about America though!

Q) What is the thing on your forehead called?
A) I get asked this a lot, it depends which photo you're referring to. Bindis seem popular, I usually wear 'tikka'

Q) Have you done a nail or beauty course?

A) Nope, I've never had any lessons on anything like that. I'm self taught in almost every skill I have (Beauty related and otherwise)

Don't forget, I can't answer questions on Tumblr anymore, but I will answer some of them here instead!

Ah, I'm ridiculously ill now. I couldn't sleep last night but could sleep for a while in the day - luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend who looks after me! >_< <3


  1. u looked gr8! luv the nails!

  2. (*o*) That whole outfit is amazing! I really like it!
    Its cute how it all matches haha :D
    (TwT) you make me want to dress up! <3
    The cloth pattern nails are so cool! Thats such a neat idea (^__^)

    Awwwh! Its great to know nice families (^__^)
    I can relate >w< my partner's mother is also so kind! <3

    (T___T) I really hope you get better! <3
    (^w^) Newton sounds like such a nice guy

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I'm still shocked how nice and relaxed his family are, even though I've known them for like 2 years now haha

      Thank you! I'm feeling a little better, and yep he's too good for me! I'm a lucky girl haha <3

  3. Yeah us Americans are really open and I guess 'touchy feely' and can be a bit overwhelming for people that come from say Asian countries where they don't really show affection that well (or at all, really). I'm glad you have no other qualms against us then other than that : )

    We are so far from everybody except Canada and South America, so we are a bit closed off from everything else and just do what we do daily. It is kinda sad because there is such a huge world out there! I'm definitely not a normal American though since I was raised in an immigrant household with family from Europe so : )

    1. Haha I'm not against Americans, I just relate to them (as a country) the least =]

      I understand, America is huge. I've actually wanted to live there my whole life! Once there was an American that asked me what 'state' Yorkshire was in! So it must be big if some of you think it's the entire world! That's not a bad thing though, some would say it's ignorant but you could call me ignorant for not knowing the names of all the states, I just have no need to know them <3

  4. brilliant with the fabric matching nails
    they match perfectly with the outfit.

  5. Your style is very unique!!
    I love how the nails match with your dress :D

  6. You're really an artist! A very cute one T-T

  7. Lady Li, where do you buy all your hair accessories? Like, if on Ebay, what do you normally search for your hair chains! They are SO cute~