Saturday, 9 June 2012

Insane Life Update and Recent Nails

So, first I guess I'll show you the recent nails and talk about the other stuff later in the post.

I've become truly addicted to making nails, I constantly want to make them >_<

So I've been making a TON of them. Oh, and I've made a few custom-made ones that were ordered and I can't remember most of the people who ordered them (I have a problem with my memory) so let me know who you are, otherwise I'll keep looking for you in my inbox until I find you, don't worry!


I'll only show a few of them in this post, there's a ridiculous amount, seriously. So every post for a while will probably have nails in.

Recently, I've been making more shorter nails (still long enough to get asked how I pick my nose and wipe my bum though........ people are so classy).

So here are a few of the recent nails:

I also made some pink nails, with different shades/types of glitter:

So now a few updates! 

I didn't know what else to put as the title, I just know that most of you will think I'm insane....... and, well, I might be!

I'm trying to gradually write a few more things about my actual life in this blog, I've not really talked about anything personal before, apart from with Neton!


The other night...... 4 nights ago now, I had a dream and I was visited by a deity/angel. She told me to believe in myself, and not to give up. If I can achieve discipline I'll be much closer to enlightenment.

I'm open to all options, I neither believe or disbelieve in anything - not even that I'm here, typing this right now! So it could have been a deity/angel or it could have been my conscious.

Whatever it was, I woke up and decided to achieve discipline. So, for 1 month, I'm doing something that I find incredibly difficult. 

I would love to believe it was actually a deity/angel - but I have extremely realistic dreams so often. Every time I believe they're true I end up in awkward or dangerous situations!

Funny story:

One time I dreamt I died and was stood on a conveyor belt going into complete darkness. There were a line of people in front and behind me, I asked the person in front what was going on and he said we had to jump off at the end and shout our last words that would determine our next life. When I got closer to the front I saw a sign saying 'Jump from here'. Everyone was jumping off shouting insightful words, into an extremely bright light below. When my turn came, I couldn't think of what to say, I jumped off and, as I was falling shouted "FUCK YOU!!!!" (I have no idea why!)!

When I fell into the light, it was like a wormhole but I can't explain it. I was shooting through it and I could gradually feel my limbs stop moving until I was completely paralysed. I was shouting, but I went deaf - I could still feel my voice vibrating in my throat but couldn't hear a thing. Eventually, I shot out of the bright light into space! I was floating around for less than a second until I woke up......

Now is the funny part......

The next day (this was years ago, when I was in high school), I was convinced I was dead!

It was so realistic. I asked like 30 people that day "Are you real? Am I dead then?" I actually laid on the road for a while, waiting for a car because I was so convinced. Luckily, no car came because it was like 2am.

Yeah, I used to be soooo much crazier than I am now. >_< It gives me lots of things to laugh about though!

Oh, guess what! I don't know if I've said this before but I haven't drank tap water for about 13 years! I've only drank bottled water.
However, last week it was so warm that the plastic from the bottle had gone into the water. So it was undrinkable. It was too late to go to the shop and I was really sick and needed water.

So......... I drank tap water! It's a big thing for me. I felt like I was going to throw up at first. In fact, I spat it out the first few attempts, but I kept trying anyway and eventually drank some! I felt sick for a couple of days but I've not had bottled water since!

I'm ill again now though (big surprise!) >_<

I'll probably be updating again soon with more nails (obviously), recent purchases and some other stuff......................... my brain just stopped working.


  1. i like those blue nails

    1. Thanks! I'll be posting them properly soon <3

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  3. I'm really liking those nails! I love how the leopard matches your ring haha, so cute!

    Wow! Thats the kind of dream to make you think alot about life - but thats not always a bad thing (:
    My dreams are usually very realistic, but usually horrible until the past few months my fiancé somehow made me think differently about life and my dreams haven't been as bad since! (^__^) Its made me alot happier haha
    (o.o) Your death dream sounds pretty crazy, I'm thankful you're alright and such though (^w^)
    I think everyone has moments people would view as insanity (>w<) haha
    I'm not a fan of tap water either D: it never tastes very nice <3

    (I deleted this first time because I had some horrible spelling mistakes :') haha)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I've been obsessed with matching my nails with what I'm wearing lately. Yesterday I went to a party and matched the nails to the dress, I'll probably post photos tomorrow or the day after!

      I'm happy you have a better outlook on life now! =] Your fiance sounds awesome!

      Haha yes many people do have insane moments, but I doubt many of them get put in a mental institution for it! I guess I was just unlucky haha >_< <3

  4. Get a filter it will help. Then again NYC water is good enough here. I don't like bottled water cause sometimes it has a slimish feel to it or a metal taste or old rag haha.

    Your dreams are really animated. One dream came to me about my art career, this was when I wasn't paying much attention to it. Got me back into it though. I say listen to your conscience who knows, maybe the conscience are angels. We can explain them right?....I assume for some it wold be demons depending on what your doing or not doing.
    haha when you have to think on the spot, I think plenty would say "fuck you" when jumping off. If only death was that easy and painless.

    1. Netons going to get me a filter. The water here is pretty good, apparently the water in Yorkshire is the best in England, because it's in the countryside or something.

      That's cool that you had a dream that got you back into art, dreams are so cool. When I was in Japan there was a girl who told me she wished she could always be asleep because she preferred the dream world to been awake! I thought it was quite sad that she wanted to sleep her life away at the time, but now I kind of get it haha - luckily I can't sleep more than 8 hours, even if I tried, so I won't be sleeping my life away anyway! <3

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  6. Wow, that's amazing! That's great that you drink tap water, do you think that made you sick? I love reading your blog, and I love when you include info about yourself, your very interesting :)

  7. tour dream is really interesting...
    I'm nit interested in gyaru fashion, but i will follow your blog, cuz it is still very interesting and inspiring.
    And I am a video artist, i think you can do some cool experimental stuff not only on video, but film too.

    //ipad is so lame when it cones to blogging and leaving comments, ignore my mistakes, it does not allow me to correct them