Friday, 6 February 2015

My Birthday 2015

It was my birthday recently! Here are the gifts I got from Neton:
I was so excited to open them! He always wraps them in such nice paper!

Here are them opened:
Here are some of them closer:

He printed off my favourite picture of Amethyst and put it in a nice frame!:
I love it!
Twilight perfume!:
Scented pens! (I love having lots of pens and I've wanted scented ones for a long time!):
More perfume:
Bag charm:
He also got me a book I've wanted for aaaages! 'Hyrule Historia'!!!!! It's the history of 'Hyrule', the land in the 'Legend of Zelda' games, which I OBSESS over! I can't wait to read it!

This was my makeup:
It was snowing on my birthday, it's like a birthday gift from nature! Although, it did make my hair go flat! >_< But it was worth it! I love snow so much!
My nails:
These nails are available in my shop!

If you order these nails you will need to decide what you want written instead of 'Kuroli' - if you don't want writing, you can just have gems there instead.
In the car:
I get a headache whenever I'm in the car because it went over a hole in the road a while ago and it's been making such a loud noise ever since! It goes 'BRUUUUUMMMMM BRUUUUMMMMMM BRUUUMMMM' constantly. It also squeaks too!

Neton said he will try and get compensation from the council - because it's their fault. They never spend money on the roads around here. All of Englands money goes on London, so it seems!

Everyone in this country pays the same road tax but most of it is spent on London! Yorkshire roads are completely neglected! There are holes everywhere, I think people here shouldn't have to pay for London roads when our cars are getting ruined by ours - it isn't fair at all.
Haha, that rant just came out of nowhere! >_< 
Anyhoo, we went out in Leeds.
We went to a bar called 'The Alchemist'. It was pretty cool that there was no sign outside:
 The menu was pretty cool too:
The first drink I had was a 'Rum Punch':
They set it on fire! It also has a piece of cinnamon bark in. I'm just hoping they don't re-use the cinnamon bark... I can imagine them doing that but surely that would go against certain hygiene laws? I doubt they do... I hope they don't! >_<

The next drink I had was a 'Bubblegum and Popping Candy Cocktail':
It was so nice! It had Popping Candy on top!

Overall, the whole place was pretty good and I'll probably stop by every now and again when I'm in Leeds.

But omg, I'm getting pretty sick of people just staring at me like I'm not human, like I'm just a freak show. Also, whenever I wear a lot of pink it happens more often - because people just assume I'm just some superficial bitch - like I think I'm better than everyone or something.

I don't mind people staring at me, as long as they smile, or look away when I look at them. I HATE it when people are just staring at me and then I look at them and they KEEP STARING at me, without changing their facial expression! I'm not a television screen, I can fucking see you. I just hate it.

I used to just stare people out until they looked away, they don't like it being done back to them! However, now it happens so much, I can't even be bothered! Sometimes I scowl at them but I really do try not to. I try to smile and then most of the time they smile back or just look away.

When we were in 'The Alchemist', I heard a camera noise (which I'm also used to), but I turned around to smile at the person (to kind of show "you can just ask for a photo, I don't bite") - but it was sooooo funny!

I saw the woman holding her phone pointed at me and when she saw I'd turned around she started pointing it everywhere except me, like really quickly - pretending to take a photo of the walls, the floor, the ceiling! To try and pretend she wasn't taking my photo. She wouldn't look at me either. 

Ah, idk... I'm just sick of not being considered human sometimes! I just gotta deal with it I guess! Not everyone is like that, most people are nice.

I know a lot of people admire how things like this 'don't bother me'. However, being strong does not mean things don't bother you, it's carrying on despite them bothering you. If you understand? I'm bad at explaining things.

What strength does it take to continue doing something where nothing negatively affects you? Not much, right?

However, I think it's ok to rant about the struggle every now and again - occasionally!

Tbh, 99% of the time I don't even notice things like this, but little things can build up, you know? I guess it's the 'water-droplet' effect. Haha
For my 'birthday boxing day' (The day after my birthday - we celebrate 3-day birthdays), Neton got me this:
Also, I love these photos of my eye makeup:
I made a gif of it, I put it on my blog before:
Here's a photo of my nails before all the decoration and the encapsulation:
I ordered this jumper from Ebay! I can't wait until it gets here! >_<
When it gets here I'm going to put it on and watch 'Fresh Prince of Belair' episodes, one after the other! 

Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. yassssss so fucking beautiful! x

  2. I really love reading ur blog I'm happy ur back now I missed u! T-T

    Thank you for blogging about ppl staring at u and strength is finding something difficult but carrying on. I actually really needed to hear that right now. I'm having a tough time in my life and u always give me strength to carry on so thank u for that.

    I'm not going to say who I am but uv given me advice before when I messaged u on fb. ur advice is gold and really helped me. ur much wiser than ppl give u credit for. so much love to u! xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much!

      I'm happy to know my advice helped you before, don't hesitate to message me again if you need anyone to talk to. <3

  3. I love the contrast of those outdoor photos: snowy scenery and your pink look woww :)

  4. How often do you change your eyelashes? I remember you said you reuse them but these lower ones look different. The gems are nicer. <33333

    1. Actually, not that often. I do certain 'maintenance' with them though.

      I changed my lower ones at some point in January, I used iridescent rhinestones this time, which is why they look different.

      Thanks for noticing! <3

  5. i also hate when ppl stare at me for a long time. they do it whenever i dress goth which isnt often but still sucks!

    u handle it well, u have the confidence and strength to pull this off every day. i admire u for that! xoxo

    1. Thank you!

      Sorry to hear about that! I can't believe people are still like this today. Honestly, it just makes them look bad - like they haven't left their house in 20 or 30 years!

      Hopefully, this world will become more accepting in the near future! <3

  6. have u got a po box yet? i wanna send u some stuff for your bday! if not please get one! XD x

    1. Aw, thank you so much but I can't afford one! Otherwise I would totally get one! <3

    2. Can you not just get an Amazon Wishlist?

  7. omfg sahfdghfgsdjfdsgfjds i just found out about you and im in love. subbed to youtube instagram tumblr and now here ily *O*

  8. I understand the carrying on thing. It's similar to the concept of people saying they don't care what others think. I do, it's just that I don't think about it. I think over time you start to realize that agonizing over what they think takes more energy than trying to not think about it? At least for me.
    btw your frame and that necklace match your style perfectly.

    1. and oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    2. Yeah, I know what you mean! I'm very similar in that way.

      And thank you! >_< <3

  9. Happy Birthday Lhouraii, my birthday was also recent, last month in January!! I'm glad you had a good time, that Alchemist bar looks totally cool.

    People stare at you because they are either amazed by how beautiful you are, jealous of how beautiful you are, or they are judgmental because you don't fit their perception of so called "normal" style, and those are usually the nosey spiteful type of people who do that. The ones who stand there and make faces like the are mortified, I can't stand those types of people. I flip out on them when they do that to me.

    Actually not too long ago I was shopping at the store and I was laughing about something and I don't get to laugh as often as I would like to, and I turned around and saw this woman just checking me up and down with this horridly judgmental look on her face, her face said it all like she was saying "You should go kill yourself because you shouldn't be breathing the same air as me, how dare you breathe". I was really upset after that, and then later caught her doing it again so I yelled really loud "Stop fucking making faces!", and then she began text messaging someone on her phone and her husband walked off and left her there, I mean he hurried off to another part of the store he was so embarrassed of her, so I deliberately walked right past her and said "That's why your own husband took off bitch."

    I normally do not cuss at people and usually am very peaceful and ignore it but the face she was making at me and the judgmental stares just got to me real bad that day and I couldn't take it anymore. Some guy walked up to me at the public library and pulled on my hair, I really got upset because he thought he was being friendly and it made me angry, lol.

    I am totally with you though on the people staring and not making any other expression other than stink face, it's because they don't like who they are and so they want to shut someone else down.

    1. Omg haha I bet that felt so good yelling at her like that!

      It's horrible when people do what she did though, like they have to suck all the happiness and goodness out of this world. I cannot at all fathom what they get out of doing that!

      I really do try my absolute best not to get annoyed. I remember once I was having a bad day and someone bumped me as they were walking past, but I said sorry anyway - to be polite and nice. Then I heard "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING, OMG". So I turned around and swore at her but it turns out she was talking to her boyfriend (who had bumped me). Anyway, they both looked really embarrassed and she started yelling at him for causing the argument. I felt sooooo bad! I still feel bad about that and I looked like a complete bitch in front of everyone. I always try and remember moments like that to stay calm! Haha >_< <3

    2. LOL that is hilarious!! and you just reminded me of something else....

      Whenever I am shopping, if someone walks past and says "excuse me" I do nothing if it's polite other than sometimes I might say "I'm sorry" and they usually will say "that's alright" and move along their way....however if they said "Excuse me" in a rude tone and even make a face at me at the same time, I will then say, without fail...."Why, did you fart?" lmao The looks on some people's faces when they are in a crabby mood and taking it out on me because I'm in their way and the world belongs to them so I shouldn't even be there in the first place, well, it's just too funny!

    3. Hahahaha omg! I never thought of saying that! That's actually a really good idea! I bet their faces are so funny! >_< <3