Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Glitter Rapunzel, New Year, Christmas, Butterbeer

Time to catch up with blogging! This will be fun!
I made a few glitter gifs a while ago! I guess it's some sort of 'sleeping Rapunzel' or something, I don't know!
I really like that one /\ but I seem to be the only one that does! >_< Oh well!

I also made one of Amethyst!:
I love how annoyed she looks! It's so funny! I put this as my phone screen saver!

I also made one of my eye:
Gah! I love making them!

Anyway, Here is my makeup from New Years Eve:
What I wore:
We went to a party, I didn't actually get any good photos from it so I stole one from Facebook to put on here! >_< I'm so professional!
Here are my nails:
My eye makeup:
So yah, New Year was fun!

Neton made some butterbeer too, and it was soooo nice!:
It took us an entire day to drink it though, and even then we felt sick afterwards! It's so sweet!

He also made Margaritas:
I accidentally deleted a lot of photos though so there are none of them. 

Anyhoo, I handmade a lot of Christmas gifts this year... last year... 2014... So confusing, but you know!

I made a sock bunny!:
I made lots of these secret book things out of old books:
I made lots more but those photos were deleted too. :S I'm so annoyed! I have no photos of my makeup from Christmas day either.

I made some Christmas nails though, I didn't actually wear them but I hope to wear them next year and also sell some:
It's a spiral Christmas tree nail! This was my first spiral nail, and I think I did pretty good!

I plan to start listing spiral nails in my shop soon, I will be the only shop on Etsy to sell them! 
This is what Neton got me for Christmas:
~ Wall stickers
~ Eye mask
~ An old Sabrina game that I used to play as a child (but it won't work on our computer!)
~ Perfume set
~ Rune Factory Game
~ Nail polish
~ Compact mirror
~ A Link teddy
~ Jewellery

I bought us both some socks to wear on Christmas day, I'm not sure why!
The table at Christmas Dinner was decorated so well! There were fairy lights/tinsel and candles! It was so cool! I don't have many photos though, I try my best not to post photos that have other people in.
Oh, but can we just take a moment to look how annoyed Amethyst looks in her little Christmas dress! She's so cute! >_<
We got a new throw for Christmas too!:
Now our sofa finally looks nice!

Oh and I used nail polish to change a cup so that it said my name on it:
I think I did ok! >_<

Also, I did a lot of re-organising after the New Year and I put some of my nails in a pile. I have no idea how many are here, but this isn't even all of them!
I think it's safe to say I have the largest deco nail collection! I'm addicted to making them!

Ameethyst is just too cute though. She's such a little weirdo too, I love her so much. This is how she sleeps sometimes:
Sometimes, her mouth will be fully open and she snores!
She's a deep sleeper too - after taking those photos, Neton and I were sticking our fingers in her mouth and she still didn't wake up!

She cuddles with me on a night, and one time she fell asleep with her head still up and it fell onto my arm, as if she was dead! I was worried so I tried waking her up and I had to shake her for ages before she woke up! She's so funny! >_<

Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. pls be my friend irl!!!! i would love to have a friend like you to show off!!!! ;3

  2. those glitter gifs give me life *_* make more! <3333

    1. Thanks! I will make more, I'm obsessed! <3

  3. ... ummmm i think ur cats dead

    1. Haha everyone says that when she's asleep! >_< <3

  4. How did you make the butterbeer? ive always wanted to try ut!

  5. LMFAO ur cat sleeps like me when I'm trashed! XD

  6. I hope you had a fun filled Christmas and New Years! xx

  7. ur friend is really pretty

  8. My cat looks exactly like yours but it´s a boy called Kake <3 <3

    1. Awesome! I love black cats! Kake is a great name too! <3

  9. Are you selling spiral nails yet? I want to buy your space kitten nails exactly as they are except one ring finger is a spiral nail with galaxy print and glitter on. I'll be so stoked if you could do that. How much will it cost if/when you can do it?

    1. I don't have any spiral nails listed yet but I can make those for you, no problem. Just contact me on Etsy! <3

  10. uuuuuuggggglllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. To the Hater ;
      Hating on someone because you're jealous is what is really ugly!!! Go away and stop reading her blog if you can't say anything nice. It's truly sad how black your heart has become because you hate your own self so much that your insecurities cause you to want to hurt others just because you believe they are more beautiful than you, because just admit it, that is really why you don't like her, it's because you're jealous because you know she is gorgeous, and because she seems so happy, she has a man who loves her and you probably don't, and she has a sweet kitten catter who is precious. Not only that you are a coward posting here all of the time anonymously, and you are wasting your energy because nothing you say is breaking her down, she is still just as beautiful, in fact even more so in my eyes because it takes a lot of strength to ignore your idiocy. Haters like you are a cancer, a cancer to the beauty and goodness of the world, to your own family and friends, and to your own self, and until you look within yourself and see that you are the one with the problem, you will never be happy, and you will never be able to be happy for someone else.

      You truly are a lady in my book, and so beautiful, the stuff fairy tales are made of. I'm glad I found your presence online, and I know people always hate what they are jealous of, or hate what they don't understand, I just wish they would wake up and realize that, but then they would be enlightened and stop hating.. If only..
      Hugs and love and blessings to you and your's. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

      Give her extra hugs!!! I know you know she's a princess!

      Take care both of you and huggles the Amethyst for me!

  11. i luv uuuuu *_*

  12. Merry belated (very belated haha) Christmas and a happy New Year, too! ^0^
    Sounds like you had a great time ;) Oh and I so love your rings! They sparkle so beautiful <3 I always searched for rings like that, but never found something like those >_<
    Your cat is really cute, I laughed so hard when I read that she sleeps with an open mouth...looks sooo funny! My cat always sleeps like a caterpillar...rolled up xD.
    Oh and I'm happy to read about you again <3 <3 (I'm although following you on Instragram now ;) )


    1. Thank you so much! I buy many of my rings from market stalls in Leeds, England.

      Aw, your cat sounds cute! =] <3

    2. Oh what a pity ... maybe when I will visit England some day I can buy some rings there haha >_<
      Thank you! It's really cute - I really love cats <3

  13. Your cat makes the funniest faces!

  14. oh my god that last picture! ahahaha :D

  15. Awww, Amethyst is so cute!!! I love her tiny little kitty teeth! You are so lucky! I just lurve you.