Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Drunk at Karaoke

Haha /\ I love that! 

So, the other day we were invited to go to a Karaoke bar in Leeds. Here is my makeup:
I decided to use a gold glitter mix on my eyes! This is currently my favourite way to do my eyes (with glitter).
The nails I wore:
I haven't worn shorter nails in quite a while! 

I decided to wear almond-shape nails for a change! It was strange but I liked it!

By the way, these nails are available in my shop:

I like how these nails looked before the encapsulation and 3D pieces too:
I love the colours!

Want to hear a funny story?

Well, I have 2 cameras. One is the one I use all the time and the other is newer but I can't work it (the photos are always blurred/etc).

So, I picked up my camera (the one I use) from the windowsill and switched it on. However, I noticed it looked very cloudy. I wiped the lens but it still looked cloudy. I looked into the lens and there was some FROST inside the camera lens! It must have been because it was on the windowsill? I didn't know that could happen! 

"Hm, what do I do to fix this?" I thought to myself. I turned to the fireplace, as a lightbulb went on in my head. "Of course! I'll put it in front of the fireplace for a little while, that will get rid of the frost!"........

Well, I was right! It did get rid of the frost... but it also cooked my camera!

Goodbye camera! We had some great times and you served me well!

I can't believe how stupid I was to do that! Haha >_<

So, I was forced to use my other camera. It blurs all the time, which is why some of the above photos are blurry.

I tried using my phone camera instead but...
It's not the best quality...

AND it blurs:
It's really 'hit and miss' with both cameras, so I hope you will forgive this!
You can also see my makeup/dress/nails/etc here:

So yeah, I had to delete me favourite photos because of how blurred they were! >_<

These two are also blurred but not as much:
Anyway, the karaoke place was 'Tiger Tiger' in Leeds. They had really nice cocktails and you can rent out rooms to sing karaoke:
Anyway, we drank a lot and had a lot of fun.

And here is the original photo from which I made the gif at the beginning of this post:
I think I was spilling my drink or something, I can't remember!


I've decided to write a book. I began writing one a long time ago but I stopped writing it because my heart wasn't really in it anymore.
Do you like my bookmark? /\

Also, look how cute my little demon-cat is!:
I think she was about to yawn, but Neton said she looks scary! Haha

Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. loving the glitter! ^-^ <3333

  2. omfg i love that ur blogging so often i hope ull keep it up! are u gonna do more vids on ur youtube too? :D

    1. Thanks! I hope so, but the cooked camera is fucking things up just a little bit! Haha <3

  3. omg wtf even is ur cat

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those nails on you!!!!!! Please wear shorter more often! I like long too but I also like these on you! x

    1. Thanks! I liked wearing them for a change, so I'll probably wear that length again at some point! <3

  5. how did u make the gif? what app?

  6. What is your book about? (Sherika from fb) x

  7. it makes me feel better about u cooking ur camera because i was at a barbecua about 2 years ago in the summer and i was taking up my paper plate to the garbage and i accidentally threw in my camera with it! it was broke because there were juices in there and i tipped sloppy joe and some salsa on top of it! lol!

    1. Haha that sucks!

      I think I was the biggest idiot though, for consciously placing my camera in front of a fire! I really didn't even think about it cooking it! >_< <3

  8. uuuggggllyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. Lol if you write a book I'll definitely support it :D Your just creative I would buy any book you'd write

    1. Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! <3

  10. I have a question O_O! How do you seal your nails? I mean how do you seal the glitter? I thought about UV gel (I also tried it once but failed)...can you help me please ._. ? I also love to create nails but I'm a loser when it comes to UV gel or something like sealing glitter or other things >_<


    1. I use UV gel. I have used acrylic, but only on nails for myself - but I always use a UV topcoat anyway.

      It just takes practice!

      I guess, if you really cannot use either of those - and the nails are just for yourself, you could just use several coats of clear nail polish. That would seal them in but they won't be as good quality/last as long. Good luck! <3