Monday, 17 March 2014

Red Goth, Where I Live, Media Photos and HOY EHH!

Let's get this over with - I have a folder on this computer called 'blog' which has photos that I plan to use in blogs. However, this folder has grown and grown and photos that were never used in a blog still stay in the folder. So I went through and organised the folder yesterday, when I woke up at 3am with nothing better to do. I found some photos that I wanted to blog about so I didn't delete them all.

Let's start with some gothic, red makeup:
I actually did a video tutorial on this, but I deleted it because I don't like how the makeup turned out. It was a pretty long time ago too!
I look so different! Oh well!

Next, I'll show you some photos from the recent media thing. I really loved the nails I wore:
Even though they were soooo heavy!
OMG, most of you will know about how bad those photos turned out! I can't believe it, originally, I just thought it was the bad lighting and angle - but no! When I looked back at the photos we took with MY camera (which is very forgiving), I still looked soooo bad!

How unfair is that? I remember taking more care with my makeup than usual - but it turned out so much worse. My eyebrows were arched too highly, my eyelashes were slanted, etc. I had a LOT of photos from that day but I deleted almost all of them because they upset me too much to look at! 
Still nowhere near as bad as the photos they used in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around this world! ARGH!

Moving on, we went shopping a while ago - like before Christmas! I tried to wear 'normal' clothes:
I didn't really like it that much though - maybe another time I will.

This next photo is from 1 year ago! I really need to be more organised! 
What is 'Hoy Ehh', you ask?

HOY EHH 3:      
HOY EHH 2:        
HOY EHH 1:          

2 and 3 are my favourites. It's just from a prank channel on Youtube that I'm subscribed to. Every time I watch those videos I cry with laughter, I find them soooo funny! So I made two rings, one saying 'HOY' and one saying 'EHH'! >_<

So, now are some more recent photos! The other day we went for a little walk before going to the doctors. I'm unwell again but this time I have a nice ear infection to go with it - in both ears! Awesome! It turns out I had two ruptured eardrums, and I was hearing annoying noises in both ears - also air was coming out of them when I blew my nose! I have some ear drops now though, so hopefully my ears will heal and the infection will go away soon, then I'll be able to hear properly! 

So, yeah - I'm a little unwell again, but I don't want to stay in bed all the time (even though I'm in bed as I'm typing this!), so we went for a nice walk around where we live.
My hair without extensions /\ (my extensions are shorter than my hair anyway) - I didn't even brush my hair that morning! >_<
We just walked to two landmarks near where we live, 'The Salt and Pepper Pots' - that's their nickname. They're really called 'Lunds Tower' and 'Wainmans Pinnacle'. They were built sometime in the 1800's I think, so they're not very old. They're still pretty cool though, this is 'Lunds Tower':
Photo from:
You can climb up it:
Inside it's pitch black though, apart from some TINY windows occasionally. I kept thinking I was going to fall back down the spiral stairs!
Photo from:

 The view from the top was pretty awesome!
As we were walking across to 'Lainmans Pinnacle', we saw a guy sat on his bike on the edge of a rock, I would fall off the edge if I did that!
The man talking to him is a farmer who lives nearby the area, he talked to us as we were walking back. It was funny though because, when he was talking to us, he pointed to a beautiful mansion covered in Ivy that was far away, just before the horizon. He said 'Look at that, there used to be a building there that was built before the Renaissance, they tore it down in the 1800's and replaced it with that Victorian monstrosity'. 

I love living in this area, where it's so historic that a Victorian mansion is considered a 'monstrosity'! There are things that are 1000's of years old though around here though so I can understand how they see it like that! Like, there are some rocks that druids carved into, you can climb down into it and everything! There's also a 'Trilithic' (I think that's the right word) structure - like those from 'Stonehenge'. 

Anyway, 'Wainmans Pinnacle':
Photo from:

 I found this photo online:
Photo from:

It didn't have a date on though, unfortunately!

The pinnacle, and some of the surrounding rocks, have carvings in:
It's a really nice area.
Neton posing as 'Gollum'!:
After going to the doctors I finally brushed my hair and we went to the pub - I looked bad though so you're only getting a photo of my nails!
We did the pub quiz and scored 7 out of 50! Our new low! The questions were so difficult - we just put 'Mr T' for most of the answers!

The next day, we went to the Tower and Pinnacle again - it's such a nice place. We hung around on some of the rocks for a while, near the Pinnacle:
I look my wellies off and then got too cold because of it!:
One sock is inside-out - oops!
When we were walking back, we stopped in an area with lots of sheep. They were all so cute!

One of them stared at us for the entire time we were there and then followed us for a while after we left. So cute!

Anyway, Neton bought me some things to cheer me up until I'm better:
I named the owl 'Ooccoo'! After the species in 'Zelda: Skyward Sword'!

He also got me a seriously pretty Hula Hoop:
So pretty! Just looking at it cheers me up!

He also bought me some games to keep me from being too bored! 

- Monster Hunter 3
- Zack and Wiki
- Metroid: Other M

Has anyone played these before? I'm playing the Monster Hunter one at the moment and it's confusing me a little.

Oh, may I just take a moment to rant about this foundation stick?:
I bought it for Manba, it's specifically for dark skin - but it's so light! It's lighter than my face with BB Cream on! So, yeah - that's no good for me. 

This one, however, is pretty good:
I lined my drawers with scented liners:
Sometimes I open my drawers just to smell them! >_<

So yeah, that's over with - now my blog folder is nice and clear! Yay!

Now to clear the 'Facebook' and 'Tumblr' folder! <3


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  3. were red more often it looks good on ya!

  4. I LOVE JSTU TOO OMFGGASAFGAJGDFDJH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lmao I might have been a little over enthusiastic there, sorry lol (this is francheska btw, from etsy)

  5. lovely. i am jealous of your area i live in very builded up area with polution. i hope one day i could move to somewhere like your area. kisses!

  6. Oh, you look amaaaaaaaazing in your goth make up & outfit! I love it.

    Monster Hunter Tri (and 3 Ultimate, which one do you have?) is actually one of my absolutely alltime-favorite games :) I know it can be a bit much input at once, I was also confused at times because I haven't played any MH game before, but once you understand it it's one of the most rewarding games ever. Please keep playing it!

    1. Ah, really? I got annoyed at it yesterday because I was doing the 'Hunt a Great Jaggi' quest and I failed like 3 times! I switched it off and said "Impossible! It's a stupid game!" but then Neton looked online for some playing tips and they said to try using a bone hammer instead (I was using the great sword). So I'm going to try to get the Alloy armor and try again.

      It is a pretty good game, though, I'm still very confused. I have Monster Hunter Tri, btw. It sucks that the online part isn't there anymore, that would have been fun to try.

      Do you have any playing tips? I assume you've played it a lot! Haha <3

    2. Aah sorry for the late reply >_< totally forgot I made a comment here. Believe me, the learning curve is high in this game! You just automatically get better, you'll memorize the monster's movements and predict their attacks etc. One tipp that could make life a lot easier is: if you have problems with a certain monster, google up it's "hit zones". Some monsters are near invincible at certain body parts while vulnerable at others. It makes a lot of difference. Also, look up for their elementar weaknesses. Elements only really make sense with fast weapons such as the double blades. When it comes to Great Sword and Hammer, raw power is your best bet :)

  7. I loved the photos!
    btw, I made a dress following your video tutorial for one of my shironuri outfit, and it turned out awesome! Thank you so much for the video!

    1. Thank you!

      Yay! I'm so happy to know that it helped you! Thanks for letting me know, that's cheered me up a lot today! Yay for shironuri, I'll be doing it again soon too! =] <3

    2. You are beautiful

  8. where is the red wig from btw? u should sell wigs lhouraii!

    1. oh Im the same commenter as the above anon comment sorry lol I should put a name at the end lol sorryyyyy

    2. heck I think ima comment on ur blog a lot now so I will put a name u can call me..... dizzyJ

    3. lolol but thats not my real name btw, just so u know my parents werent creeps lmao!

    4. omfg I just reelized I think I insulted u lhouraii I didnt mean ur parents were creeps for calling u weird name its a butiful name! omfg im so sorry

  9. ur not a creep either I remember u said a while ago that if u ever had a kid ud call her weird name omfg im so sorry lhouraii! i was only joking and I didnt think it thru

    1. oops I meant to leave that as a reply to my other comments ^

    2. Im just digging a bigger and bigger hole lol sorry ~DizzyJ