Saturday, 8 March 2014

Days are just days

So, lately, I haven't really done many productive things. I've had to turn down so many media opportunities! Mostly because they're obsessed about me wanting to be Barbie and spending 4 hours getting ready everyday.

The Jeremy Kyle show asked me to go on so he could interview me and, I have to admit, I did turn that one down just because of the stigma! I had that song in my head: 'My lifestyle's terribly wild, but you'll never catch me on The Jeremy Kyle Show' - haha >_<

I was kind of looking forward to one of them though, 'This Morning' - which is a big show here in the UK. However, they were actually the ones to turn me down like 2 days before I was due on because I don't take 4 hours to get ready, they admitted that they should have researched me a little bit more before asking me on the show! Oh well!

So, days have just been days lately, it feels strange. I don't really have anything much going on at the moment - apart from a documentary in America that I might be in, but that's about it at the moment!
So, I've just been relaxing and doing 'normal' things!

I'm so in love with these nails though!:
I was going to sell these nails in my shop but they are sooo difficult to make and they took so long! The gold parts are actually metal, so it was really difficult to mould it to the nail and trim parts off/file it/etc! Oh well!

Omg though, we were going out the other night and I couldn't find my eyebrow pencil! I'm a little poorly again now, so maybe that's why I wasn't thinking straight because I tried drawing an eyebrow on in LIPGLOSS and then going over it in brown eyeshadow. I had glossy, ginger eyebrows!

It didn't work.

I wiped that off and then tried drawing the eyebrow on in PINK LIPLINER and then going over that in eyeshadow. My eyebrows were BRIGHT ORANGE!

So, that didn't work either.

I wiped them off again and just drew them on in white pencil and went over that with brown eyeshadow. They still came out ginger for some reason. But yeah, I was past caring at this point, so I went out with ginger eyebrows:
Oops! Oh well!

Anyway, here are some more photos of my nails, with and without flash:
The bases of the pink ones are glittery and the purple are shiny/two-tone!
Blue drink!

Netons family came to visit. I wore the dress that his mum bought me for Christmas, it's one of my favourite dresses now! So, we went out and got drunk (as usual):
Which reminds me! People keep mentioning how they're worried for me because I get drunk so much, some of you are worried I'm an alcoholic! Don't worry! I'm not! Most people my age go out drinking 1-2 times a week, which is what I usually do - it's not all I do though! I do plenty of other things, Charity stuff, TV/media/events, spending time in nature/with pets - I just don't blog about it. Also, I RARELY drink alone, which I think is a sign of alcoholism. So yeah, don't worry! Haha >_<

Anyway, as you know, I like to be silly after going out drinking, we usually go for a wonder around the countryside/look at stars/go shopping in 24-hour Asda.
Neton really likes that photo for some reason. /\

I love this photo!:
Haha >_<

I pretended I was 'coming out of the phone box':
Here, I was telling a stone off I think:
I love how our village is green, even the walls! It's so old, quaint and cool!

Anyway, one last photo of my nails:
They were so difficult!

Neton bought me some perfume:
I love it! 
He bought me another perfume for 'International Womens Day' - he calls it 'International Ladies Day' though, because he knows I don't like been called a woman! Haha >_<
It's 'Britney Spears: Curious'. He gave me it a day early yesterday because he said he couldn't wait! Haha >_< Then today he came home with ANOTHER perfume - 'Britney Spears: Believe'! He also bought me a card (Womens Day cards don't exist so he bought a pink birthday card, crossed out the 'birthday' and wrote 'Ladies Day'!)! It said 'To my Lady' on the envelope! He's so sweet! Haha >_<

Oh, I forgot to say on Chinese New Year, we had 'purikura' - it was such a cheap machine in Manchester, so the quality is so bad! Oh well, we can't be picky, we don't have purikura here!
Oh, but Neton also bought me a game lately - and I'm actually ADDICTED to it! I'm not lying, I'm literally addicted - it's on pause as I'm typing this. I'm typing impatiently, because I want to continue playing it. I was up late last night/this morning playing it!
I love it!

Happy International Womens Day everyone! <3


  1. omg the nailsssss..... so cute

  2. Lhouraii, i really love reading ur blog and looking at ur pictures u are inspire to me! please never stop! one day i will get blogger and show my face to u but for now i will comment unknown i am sorry i hope u dont mind. kisses! ps sorry for my english! &_^b

    1. Thank you so much! It's ok, I know a lot of my followers don't have accounts here! =] <3

  3. Why dont u set up another channel on youtube for gaming? u can do game reviews n tutorials and shit like that. I would sub to u coz im into games like no one fucking knows! lmao!

    1. Haha I don't know, I don't think it would do very well, there are so many channels like that already! Thanks for the idea though! <3

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  6. How do you keep your meiku looking good after drinking? I always look a hot mess within 3 hours lol

    1. Haha I don't know, I touch up my lipstick/eyeliner some times but that day I didn't. Sorry I can't help! <3


    1. If you were trying to show how little you know, well done! :)

  8. Stunning nails! I liked The ginger eyebrows tho xD (they look like they're pink, which is so cool!)

  9. Omg I'm in love with you nails!! My eyes sparkled when I saw the first picture of them haha >_< So right now they are my favorite nails from you! xD
    Your boyfriend is sooooo cute <3<3<3!! Here in Germany we don't celebrate it much....maybe some woman/ladies but me and my bf not :/.
    Oh! And I have a little question about the metal on your nails >_< Where did you get it? Or how can I call it when I want to search for it in the internet? Cause it's so beautiful, I also want to try it out haha >//<
    Lovely Greetings!

    Ah and I also have blog now >.< (still new):
    I already follow yours <3

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I don't know of any people who do celebrate it either, I didn't even know it existed until Neton gave me the gifts! We just like celebrating - we celebrate as much as possible (for birthdays, we have a birthday week instead of just one day, etc)!

      Ah, well it was very difficult to do and I even sliced my fingers a few times because of the metal. I think it's called 'filigree' or something - if you do it make sure you encapsulate it once it's on the nail, especially the sides, otherwise they will catch on things! Good luck (you'll need it!)!