Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines Day

So, we didn't go out for Valentines Day because Neton was working. We were going to go out for cocktails the day after instead, but by the time we could leave the house it was too late. So we just ended up going to the pub! Ha, oh well!

Oh, before I forget, I uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel. I'm going to give the new Youtube a chance. I want to upload more frequently too, here's the video:
It's a dress tutorial.

Anyway, here is the eye makeup I wore:
I've been doing this shape for a while now so I'm thinking about changing it.

I had to crop this photo because I was in my nightie!:
But I wanted a photo with my hair like that. I look so shocked haha >_< Also, look how smooth my skin looks! It's because I started using finishing powder! I never used to use powder on my face because I thought it made it look a different colour. It makes my face look paler but it's not too noticeable.

I remember buying that nightie though, it not a nightie it's actually a dress (it looks medieval-y). I bought it from a carboot sale (second hand market) years ago. 

The woman gestured to the dress as I was buying it and said 

"So, you like dressing up then?"

I just laughed but I was thinking 'I'm actually buying this for the opposite reason - to 'dress down' at night.' It just looked comfy and long - most nighties for females are soooo short! I hate them!

Anyyyyhoooo, before we went out I did a little 'promo shoot' for a company. I don't usually include the photos in my blog but I liked these ones - I've cropped the sign out though:
Oh, I almost forgot to say! I did get a gift for valentines day:
It was wrapped so prettily! And the card was so pink! The gift was a 'Twilight' book. I never thought I would want to read that book - but I've become such a big fan of the films. So I was so happy to get the book as a gift! I love books as gifts, I don't know why.

Anyway, I got Neton stuff too. I made him a handmade card with drawings and stuff on. I bought him some jewellery - 2 full-ear-wrap things and a silver necklace.

I also spent an entire day making him a box of chocolates from scratch! They took soooo long! But it was really fun! Haha >_<
They all had different fillings too! I made him a 'menu' to go in the box:
This was the box, it was a little girly but I guess they don't make manly ones anyway! Haha >_<
I'm so happy with how they turned out! Neton said they were the best chocolates ever! Yay!

So yeah, I love Valentines day - I love all the cute stuff that's in the shops, there are so many pretty heart-shaped things. I think I might go and buy something if they're still there.

Anyway, we made our way to the pub. Here I am blinking:
I keep blinking in photos lately! I uploaded a blinking photo in my New Year blog too. I actually like them a little bit, I'm not sure why. I think because it shows my eyeshadow and eyelashes at the same time..... or something like that! Anyway, I might start doing it on purpose! Haha - if looking down in photos is a trend then why not blinking! >_< 

These are the nails I wore:
Purple! I wish you could see them better, they're so pretty in real life!
The butterfly is heavy!
Many of the nails had colour gradients on too!

I'll include more photos of them at the end of the post, I can't choose which photos to use since there aren't any great ones.
/\ Blinking again! Oops!
I really love our local pub. It's so cool. It has lots of really old things just laying around - like the suit of armour in this photo:
(I like my nose in that photo >_<)

It has really old weapons and paintings on it's walls too. 

When we left the pub we went to run around in the countryside by a river. It was soooooooooo windy though!:
It was windier than it looks too! So we only spent a couple of hours there and then went home.
I like my nose in this photo too.

So yeah, it was quite fun. Here are some more photos of my nails:
You still can't see the gradients properly and everything! Gah! Oh well! <3


  1. pretty! the nails are fab! x

  2. ur skin looks flawless omg

  3. Aaaw lhouraii your such a good girlfriend! the choclates look prof :3

    1. Haha thank you! I can be very annoying sometimes though! >_< <3

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  6. so cute xx

  7. lol u got ur bf more than he got u its supposed to be the other way round lmao!

    1. No, I've been wanting to read Twilight for a while so I was really happy when I opened it. Whereas, I don't think he loved his gifts as much as I loved mine! Haha (apart from the chocolates!)!

      But yah, I love Valentines day! <3

  8. I just wanna say sorry for leaving a nasty comment the other day. I said u were ugly and is a disgrace to gyaru. Honestly, I am just a little jealous of u and ur popular. I am beginner gyaru, well I started 4 months ago but not many people will accept me or know me. I am posted on the gyaru secrets website and it upset me so I take my anger and upset out on u. I hope u can accept my apology I will never do it again I am ashamed of myself and I hope I didnt upset u! I will stay anonymous for now because I am so shamed I hope u dont mind. Sorry for my bad english! Xx<3xX

    1. Aw, thank you so much! It means a lot that you would come back to say sorry! I'm very grateful! I find it best to just not go on that website! Good luck and welcome to Gyaru! If you ever need help or just need to talk feel free to inbox me on Facebook! <3

  9. I like your eyebrows color, shape, everything.

    and your hair is just amazing Rapunzel <3

    1. Thank you! I prefer my eyebrows like this too! I'm trying to grow my hair as long as possible! Haha <3

  10. do you sell custom mad nails in your shop? if i describe a design to you will you make them for me? Sorry for contacting you on here but i dont have etsy

    1. Yeah, I make custom nails all the time. Some people pay me straight through Paypal if they don't have etsy. <3

  11. you're super cute as always and your nails are perfect!!! may i ask you how can you avoid having too many tangles on your hair? do you sleep with braids?Thanks a lot <3

    1. Thank you! Haha no, it actually took me about 2 hours to brush my hair after this! My hair gets very tangled! I do sleep with it in braids though - that helps it get less tangled. <3

    2. thanks a lot for your reply you're super kind as always!!! <3

  12. those nails are amazing, so pretty ^^

  13. Awwww, I was going to ask where you got that nightie from..! Wearing floor-length nightdresses feels so glamourous. :D (I usually don't get dressed unless I have somewhere to be, so it feels nice to swan around in a long dress. :) )

    Those nails are so beautiful, especially that vibrant blue colour! I would definitely have trouble with then getting caught in my hair in that wind, though. XD

  14. It's so sad to see how much of a drinking problem you obviously have. Every single post you are in the pub, always drunk. You need to seriously explore other social opportunities that would be more fulfilling than just sitting around drinking.

    1. Haha no, I honestly don't have a drinking problem at all! I'm young, most people around my age go out drinking at least once per week. It's just because I don't blog about my other days that it seems bad. Also, I rarely drink when I'm alone (alcoholics aren't just social drinkers, right?).

      I do soooo much more than just 'sit around drinking' - I do a LOT of charity things, I do TV and media, I spend a lot of time outside in nature/with my pets.

      I don't really have other 'social opportunities' because I don't have friends, but I'm fine with that.

      Thank you so much for your concern, I really appreciate that you cared enough to comment - but I'm seriously fine! =] <3