Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentines Blog and Video Tutorial

So, I curled my hair for Valentines day, I made a video tutorial on it too, it's here:

Here is the link to the video on Youtube:

Please stop by and give it a like and comment!

So, yeah, anyway - Valentines day!
I curled my hair (obviously haha). We decided to go to the cinema to see 'The Hobbit'. We haven't watched it yet because we heard rumours that animals were treated badly. Luckily, I'm friends with assistant director and he told me the rumours are false. So, we went to see it but we were too late! Apparantly, they don't show it anymore! We will have to catch it on DVD instead!
I wore some cute pink nails! So, yeah, instead of going to the cinema we just went to the pub (as usual haha). But it was still fun!
I wore pink lipstick. I never thought I would wear coloured lipstick, but I really like it now! Haha
Before we left the cinema I had a quick photo picking Bruce Willis's nose!
As most of you will know, my hair goes flat whenever I curl it, but this time it didn't!
/\ At the end of the night. \/
Us on the way back home:
The pub landlord gave us a free bottle of champagne!:
Here are some screencaps from the video:
By the way, my laptop broke! Right before the GGA too! All of the stuff is on there! So, I'm not sure what to do! The nominees video would be uploaded soon but I want to try and recover the files first. I had to edit this video on the computer and it was sooooo difficult! >_<

Anyway, just to let you know!


  1. i saw that vid i loved it im trying that method this friday fingers crossed! xx

    1. Yay, thanks! I hope it goes well for you! <3

  2. pink lippy suits u missy! are u gonna start wearing more colors? i would love to see u rock a bold red lip and smoky eye! (Chichi-yu) ;3

    1. Thank you! Yes, I don't have many other lipsticks at the moment but I'm trying to expand my collection! <3

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  4. I know you hate when people say this but you are such a barbie girl lol

    1. Hahaha thanks! I don't hate it, I love Barbie! I just don't like people thinking that's all I'm inspired by! <3

  5. Love your nails and hurray for hair that didn't go flat! :D