Thursday, 6 December 2012


I've filmed so many videos lately and not uploaded any of them, I just have no 'self esteem' or whatever lately. 

I filmed a video of Luna doing a trick I recently taught her though:

I uploaded it and it only has a few views ha! Oh well!

I'm making myself edit the videos I filmed though, I can't be this picky about them. I seriously don't know why my looks are bothering me so much lately. I didn't used to care about not being pretty. Why did I have to be female?! >_< Haha


The videos I'm thinking about uploading (that I've already filmed) are:

 - Haul
- Accent Tag

Here's a photo from the 'Accent Tag' video:

 I filmed it quite a while ago.

I wore my new wig to the pub the other day:
 I had problems with the back of it though:
You can see the wig base (left) /\ I tried to cover it up with more hair (middle) but it didn't work too well! Oh well!

I ended up pinning some of the hair back before we left:
When we got to the pub we played cards, 'Connect 4' and pool:
/\ Me looking shocked at losing!
We left after a little while though because I started feeling too ill =S
We put up our Christmas decorations:
It's great since we didn't get to have a tree for Christmas last year because of the tree falling on our old house and we had to move to this one.

Here is Luna looking confused in front of the tree:
I love it when she tilts her head >_< I should teach her how to do it on command!

We're using a golden compass as a decoration on the tree:
Some decorations:
We've been lighting our fire to keep warm:
It's been so nice since we put the decorations up and lit the fire. We celebrated with sherry, look how cute Luna is!:
Neton bought me a Hello Kitty pen to write some Christmas cards with!:
He also bought me an electric toothbrush that comes with stickers!:
Here is a before and after:
And here are the 3 other sides:
It was so fun to decorate! 
For anyone who wants one they're £1.99 from B&M's!
I wrote some Christmas cards for the people in our village, I love Christmas!:
Well, that's it for now! 

So, I might be uploading more videos soon, but who knows!

I'm starting to think about the Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2013, I have some people in mind who I'm thinking of getting to present. One, in particular, who has improved an incredible amount in the past year!

Well, until next time! <3


  1. ur tree looks great!

  2. aw but ur pretty stop putting urself down! D:

    1. Haha thank you, but there are a lot of photos I don't upload. <3

  3. Im gunna look for one of those thoothbrushes in bnm! do they have any in orange? xoxo

    1. Awesome! I'm not sure, I wasn't there - Neton bought it for me. <3

  4. (*__*) But you are so amazingly beautiful! <3
    You inspire me and a lot of my friends (*w*) we really admire you!
    I love your videos :D
    Wow! Your home looks so warm and Christmasy (*o*) Its really nice~
    Luna is so adorable (^w^) I can't get over it haha, so cute with the little gem~
    Whoot Hello Kitty love!
    Also, that is the best tooth brush I have ever seen haha

    1. Aw thank you so much! It really means a lot! >_<

      Yeah, it's nice and warm now - it's usually cold since I have the windows open constantly!

      She's such a little weirdo. You should see how she acts/what she does when she thinks no one is looking. I'm still trying to get it on film because it's so funny.... I can't even explain it! Haha <3

  5. carnt wait for the new vids! keep it up and chin up babez!

  6. i wish i lived i your village would be so cool and lucky to meet you lhouraii! Tanya x ^^ x

  7. lol aww how cute! I saw some of those Hello Kitty items at H-mart yesterday funny enough and that's quite a lovely Christmas tree! Hope you're having a good week Lady Li!

    1. Aw thank you! I hope you're having a week too! =] <3

  8. The internet is for useful things, your face is not useful. There's a beauty in not being so blunt with your looks.

    1. Do you watch films, listen to music, enjoy art etc? They are not 'useful' either. It would be a dull life if we spent it only doing things that are needed. I love expressing myself and being creative, it brings me happiness.

      My humble little blog isn't taking up a lot of internet space - if you don't like it don't visit it? However, since you are also on the internet...... what is your use here? <3

  9. Your blue wig suits you so well.
    I love the way you look in the Accent Tag video!!

    The christmas tree looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I really love the blue wig, I'm a little sad though because it's getting quite old now! >_< <3

  10. LOL @ the anon above me. wtf?

    Ignore them hun, u always look so glam. better than looking boring! :) xx

    1. Aw thank you! I'm sure they had a reason for what they said though..... maybe I just don't understand what they meant? Haha <3