Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Blog!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I've been doing quite a bit since I last blogged, so I'll post more about that later!

I have a new wig though, it arrived just in time for Christmas!

On Christmas day we went to a party, it was so fun. We played a game with jelly beans (vegetarian ones, of course!). There were different colours but each colour had two flavours - one nice and one nasty. EG: 

Some of the nasty ones were: vomit, rotten egg, mouldy cheese, baby wipe (!!!!), centepide.....

We had to spin a wheel and it landed on a colour.

I refused to play it at first, but on the second round someone compared it to Harry Potter 'Every Flavour Beans' so I gave in and had a go. I got yellow...... it was mouldy cheese! EW! I swear I can still taste it now! I gave up after that, that was enough for me haha

Anyway, before that I've just been looking really boring:
So.... back to the party haha
I love my new wig!

Netons brother and his girlfriend bought me an awesome hand-ring-thing!
I'll be uploading photos of the gifts I got in a separate post though!
Netons grandma bought me some curtain ties (big orange ones), as soon as I opened them I put one in my hair haha. 
 Neton in his new hat:
I drank soooooo much!

This is me drunk, laughing afterwards:
I can't even remember this:
My wig was falling off! Haha >_< I look like I have one of those really short fringes! I don't like short fringes though so I'm cringing looking at these photos!

The next day, boxing day, we went out to the pub for Christmas dinner:
Us in the car
 I was a naughty blogger though and didn't take many photos. I took no photos in the pub or anything....... woops!

Speaking about blogging. I've only just discovered 'blogger events'...... can anyone tell me what these are? And how do I find some in Yorkshire? They seem so interesting.... I would love to go to some!

Also, I just found out on Facebook that the Russian Barbie girl, 'Valery', saw my post about her and the other one. She seems very annoyed even though I didn't say anything bad about her!

Well, until next time! <3


  1. i was just gonna tell u she posted about u!!!

  2. the red wig looks great! hope u had a fun crimbo! xx

  3. i prefer you blond

  4. Well you didn't tell anything but it seems like maybe you told us something they didn't want us to know xD
    Amazing wig girl. It is brighter when you take pictures with flash, isn't it? I have a wig that looks natural with natural light, then it get brighter with lights of home and with flash of the camera.
    Anyways Merry christmas! :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, I can't decide if I like photos with flash or not....

      I hope you had a good Christmas too! <3

  5. wheres the wig from?

  6. ew i would have threw up if i ate mouldy cheese

  7. red hair suits u veryyyyy good ne

  8. Awwh it looks like you had a really nice Christmas!
    I don't think I could have played that bean game haha (>w<)
    Loving the wig! (^__^) <3

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a good Christmas too! <3

  9. The hand ring thingie is actually called a slave ring and they are often chained to a bracelet, your's is very nice, looks like a chainmaile slave ring to me.

  10. skolopendra? vomit? fuuuuuu! Which shop sells such a disgusting thing? o_O
    I tried once Harry Potter beans, but those were delicious flavors like strawberry, apple, pineapple, etc.