Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Festival-thingy!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who supported my last post! I'm happy to know others think I did the right thing too. I do agree with what a lot of you said - that, if I had have accepted the offer, I would have traded my soul for fame and money. Let's hope that's not actually what these girls did!

So, anyway! There's a Christmas ..... festival?.... type.... thing..... that happens each year in Haworth. It's where people walk up the Haworth cobble street with lit torches and carol singers. 

The people who organise it dress up like this:
 ......everyone else doesn't dress up......
....... Then I turned up like this:
 Hahaha >_<
If you know me at all, you'll know that I love dressing up! Any chance I get to dress up and I'm there!
I definitely stood out haha
Anyway, I'll get to that later!
I have a new wig, and it's black!:
I've never had a black wig before, so it's a nice change. I haven't worn it properly yet though!
We went away for a few days, I took some photos of Luna in the car. When I look at her from a certain angle, she reminds me of some sort of ape..... like a chimpanzee or an orangutan:
/\ Photos of her compared to baby orangutans..... I would have compared chimpanzees too but I'm sort of obsessed with orangutans today..... In fact, here are a few cute videos of orangutans!:
.... that's it for now! Ah, I love them!
Speaking of Luna, she has a weird habbit of wedging herself between sofas. I can't even describe how funny it is to watch!:
/\ With her favourite toy, in her favourite spot!
Anyhoo..... when we got back home the other day, I found a letter from a child. I'm not sure if I've told you this yet but..... I kind of don't like children that much...... so it was a big surprise to me when I found this cute:
I asked Neton if he thought it was cute and he said no.... so I must be getting like..... maternal instincts or something.... it's so weird! >_<
So, anyway, back to the Christmas thing!
I filmed a tutorial on the makeup. I wanted to just look 'Christmas-y'.... which is difficult without any red makeup or a red wig! Luckily, I had a red dress and a scarf from a salwar-kameez set that Netons mum bought me:
I used the scarf as a shawl and tied it in a bow. It matched perfectly! People kept mistaking it for part of the dress haha
I quickly made a set of nails to wear before we left:
Nothing special..... it's the first time I've worn red in sooooo long! Years and years!
I had my photo taken with some of the people who were actually dressed up for a reason!:
There was a big, pretty tree!:
Here are a few more photos:
We kept trying to get good photos, but I couldn't stop laughing! >_<
So, that's it for now! Until next time! <3


  1. lol luna is precious

  2. u looked great!

  3. uurrrhhhh... arnt u supposed 2 b hindu? lol fake bitch

    1. Some of us still celebrate Christmas. I don't celebrate it for religious reasons, it's just a fun tradition to us. I don't understand how I'm fake? <3

    2. wtf is wrong with u? if u don't like her then why are u readinf her blog? LOL

    3. dumb bitch only christians can celebrate christmas this is y usa rules the world coz we aint dumb shits like u in the uk n other countries fuck u n ur ignorance

    4. lol wat. anon, ur comment gave me cancer, srsly. ugh.

    5. ur a fuckin dumb idiot if u think reading something u dont like can give u cancer go back 2 school u fucking dumb shit of a shoe.

    6. lmfao wat? oh lordy. i can't even... XD

    7. Hahahaha sorry 'Anonymous' person, but that last comment did actually make me laugh! >_< I'm not sure what you're trying to say but I hope that one day you will have success in communicating your ideas to someone who can recognise your cryptic dialogue as words, since you seem so passionate about whatever it is you're tying to transmit! <3

  4. Loved this lhouraii, can't wait for ur video! Ignore the hate ;D

  5. d'aw! those urangotang videos are super kawaii! thanks for the links! i love ur outfit too! (Kaitie)

  6. You look amazing in that dress! And wow, that tree. *_* I get really excited by Christmas, even though I'm not a child or a Christian. XD

    I really like your black wig- is it from eBay? :) I just bought my first (long) black wig last night; can't wait to try it out! If black suits me I'd love to know where your wig came from, too. :)

    By the way, a while ago we were talking about gel nails- did you buy a starter kit or anything? I think I'm ready to take the plunge but I don't know what's good! Please lend me your experience. <3

  7. Awh wow you look so amazing! (*o*) <3
    I'm loving all the Christmasy cheer ;D haha
    I quite like how the black wig looks :3 you can rock anything! ;D
    Ny'awwh, Luna never fails to be adorable! haha
    It looks like you had a really good time!
    I hope you have a great Christmas <3 (^w^)

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