Sunday, 7 October 2012

Romania Blog!

So, I've been a little busy since getting back from Romania but I finally found time to write this blog post! I'm excited to share my photos and experiences with you!

Oh, by the way, I took lots of video footage so I'm editing it all together and I might upload it as like a 'Vlog' on Youtube or something. But it's going to take a while to edit!

So, first I'll show you the shows I was on! Here they are all edited together into one video:

(There's so much that needs explaining, I'm going to explain it all later in the post! If you don't want to read this entire post then just scroll down to the screen-caps of the show, that's where I explain it all!)

So yeah, before I went I had mehndi on my hands:

It didn't come off in time for Romania. I would have put it on better if I knew I was going so soon!

Anyway, when we arrived in Romania, I was so tired (we got up at like 4am). We walked out of the airport and we were met with cameras. I didn't know they were filming that day and I looked such a mess haha. Luckily, I don't think they used any of the footage.

So we went to our hotel and went to sleep. The next day I was up at 5am and they came to film me getting ready. I put a few things out for them to film:
I tried telling them loads that I wasn't inspired by Barbie or dolls, I'm inspired by Japanese Gyaru! But I think they preferred to think I was inspired by 'Barbie' haha >_< It made me cringe a lot though because I don't think I look anything like barbie or a doll! I wish I did, but I don't!

Oh, that reminds me. I saw some comments on a Romanian news article about me and they were saying I'm copying someone called 'Valery something-or-other'...... I can't remember her name, it was long. But I researched her and she has the EXACT same makeup as me, the same hair and she even wears bindis! She's 10004235205 times more beautiful though and she has an amazing figure. I noticed she has only been looking like that for a couple of months, so it's annoyed me that people say I'm copying her. Neton said that he thinks she copied me but I think he's just saying that to make me feel better. I do think she must have gotten her inspiration from similar places as me though! *sigh* I feel like I have to change my appearance now and stop wearing bindis because I don't want people to think I'm copying her! How crazy is that? I've had this makeup for over 5 years and been wearing bindis etc my whole life but I guess it looks strange since I'm blonde.

Anyway, here is when I was getting ready:

Neton filmed lots of things, even when I was on the live show, so I'll be uploading all that footage another time!

OMG though, Romania is sooooooo hot, I was too warm the entire time I was there! After I got ready, I didn't put my wig on until we were on location, because I would have melted otherwise!

(/\ In the hotel lift going to film the 'promo')

Oh and this is me with 'Mihaela Moise':

She's a reporter and she was our friend while we were over there. She's so beautiful:

I'm actually going to miss her! >_< She looks more like Barbie than me! Most people over there did!

Here is when I was waiting to go on the live show:

Here are the nails I wore:
When I was on the live show I looked at Neton as he was taking a photo of me haha >_<:
He took a few more photos while I was there:
On the way back from the show, I don't know what Netons face was doing! Haha
We had a couple of hours to get ready for the later show.
I tried to take a photo of what I was wearing etc but I couldn't hold the camera still because I was shaking too much (I was really ill at this point! I'll tell you more about that later in the post!)
So after we filmed that, I came back at about 1am and passed out! I'd been on the go for almost 24 hours, which wouldn't have been THAT bad if I wasn't ill and...... ah, I'll get to that in a while!

So, the next day, we had finished filming! We did it all in one day, but we were there for 4 days! We went out shopping!

The money was so cool! 
(1 Lei is 20p! I can't imagine having 20p notes!)

I was so tired and poorly, but I made myself get ready and go out anyway!:
When we got back, we went to the hotel bar and got drunk:
And raided our mini bar:

When we were at the shops we bought lots of chocolate as souvenirs for our family!:
I bought a pretty pink lip balm! It smells so nice!:
The next day we went shopping again:
I had run out of things to wear so I wore what I wore to the night show:
Can you imagine how warm I was? The thing is, you don't even see all the layers I actually wear! Even when I wear a dress I wear trousers underneath in case it blows upwards. So I had trousers, a skirt AND the dress!
There was a funny guy who came up behind me, as we were taking photos, and started waving:
I don't like myself in those photos (my mouth looked weird in the one on the right) but I love it in the second photo where he's in the background, turning around and laughing! >_<

When we got back on the last day before leaving, we got EXTRA drunk at the hotel bar. There was a guy who worked at the hotel and he looked like Mario!:

I look annoyed here, I don't know why!:

Mihaela came to see us one last time and I gave her some bindis as a 'Thank you' gift.

 Here is me posing with a plant outside the hotel:
I was drunk, and thought it was funny at the time!

The next morning we had to get up at 3am for our flight and I was soooooo hung over! I felt so bad I didn't think I would be able to even get out of bed! I threw up a few times though and managed to somehow get myself to the airport! I didn't even brush my hair though! (I sleep with it in braids) and I didn't put any effort in my makeup.

I have one photo of me in Amsterdam airport, posing with a weird statue thing:

So now I'll show you some screen-caps!

Here is when I was doing my makeup:
We went to film the promo outside. They filmed me without my wig on first. I look like I'm scowling but the sun was in my eyes!:
 When we were filming outside people had their photo with me:
 One of my favourite parts of the promo is when I stopped to style my wig in a window reflection and a man walked past and just looked like he was thinking "whatever" and put his thumb up:

On the live show I couldn't really hear what they were saying. I had an earpiece that a translator was talking to me through. She was saying everything they said but I couldn't hear her properly. Then when they spoke English to me, she was also talking to me through the earpiece! So I was so confused! That's why I'm sat there like "What?" Because I didn't know what was going on!:
I tried to look like I knew what they were saying but I think I failed!:
There was a Romanian singer on the show and I didn't really hear what he was saying. I know at one point the presenter asked him what he thought about my appearance. He said that I looked beautiful but he wouldn't allow his daughter to dress like that because it looks like it takes a lot of money and he's the one with all the money in their family haha

But there was a point where he was talking about something else and I couldn't hear what he was saying, then he turned to me and said "For your gift, 1 hour for 300 euros, do you want?" I wondered what the hell he was talking about! It sounded like he wanted me as an escort haha >_< But I think he was talking about a party or something >_<

Then at the end I had to get up and dance as he sang (his song is still stuck in my head, it was pretty good!) I didn't know what to do and looked so awkward! I just did what the audience was doing and stood there clapping! >_<
I had a smile on my face but I was thinking "I have no idea what I'm doing!" >_<

After the song finished, the presenter tried handing me the microphone and I didn't see her and then when I finally saw it, I took it and walked away (I was supposed to stay there!) I embarrassed myself soooo much! Haha
I still had no idea what was going on!

Now........ on the late show......... that was sooooooo embarrassing! 

Like I said earlier, it was all filmed in one day, and I was up on-the-go for almost 24 hours. I was already ill (I caught something from the plane) so, at this point, I was almost passing out! My eyes were hurting from wearing the lenses for so long and I felt reeeallly dizzy and sick. Plus I had barely had any sleep for the past couple of days. I was waaaaayy too warm and had an upset stomach. I really thought I was going to pass out on live television!:
(/\ I did a little drawing of myself haha)

Look how bad I looked! My wig was SUPER frizzy, my face was melting and my eyes were almost closed. I hardly smiled too!

As if that weren't enough, when I sat down I realised that the earpiece (with the translator on) wasn't working! At all! I looked at her and she was waving her arms frantically! It was on LIVE tv and I had no idea what to do. I could barely think straight anyway (from been so tired and ill). I just sat there, listening to them talking to me in what seemed to be jibberish! Then they started speaking English and the earpiece switched on. She was in my ear speaking Romanian as I was trying to listen to them speaking English. So I guessed what they were saying from the odd word I heard!

By the way, I'm just checking if anyone is actually reading this entire post. So, if you're reading this, please tell me your favourite fruit in the comment section!

Eventually, the earpiece started working, but I still couldn't hear it very well at all. 

When the other presenter walked on, I shook her hand and kissed her on the cheek then sat back down!:
I didn't know I was supposed to kiss both cheeks! 

THEN (yes, there's more) my nail fell off! I don't think anyone noticed, luckily! I pulled a face like "oops" and stuck it back on:
So, I think it's safe to say 'I failed!' the whole Romanian TV thing! Everything went wrong! 

After the interview, the brunette presenter and I went to sit down elsewhere on the stage and I did her makeup. We were sat there for like 2 hours! I finished her makeup in about 15 minutes but we still had to sit there for ages:
I can't believe I didn't pass out!

This is how her makeup turned out, she also wore my purple wig:
She's so beautiful! Her face was so nice to apply makeup to haha

A photo:

We got back to the hotel at about 1am, I was so tired!

So, that's about it I think! Like I said earlier, I'll be posting lots of video footage of it all later!

I had an ongoing joke with Neton while we were there. We've been reading 'Lord Of The Rings' lately and I said "We left the shire and now we're in Mordor". When we were there I kept saying "I can't wait to be back in the shire!" and "Only 1 more day and our quest will be over, then we can start our return journey to the shire!" Hahahahaha it really kept me going thinking like that. If it wasn't for the mentality of thinking I was on an 'important quest' I would have probably been driven crazy by the heat and sickness! >_<

Please tell me what you think of everything! Was it as embarrassing as I think it was? I don't know why I don't actually care! I know I should! I guess it's because it was in another country that I'll probably never return to! Haha



  1. oh wow so kawaii! i cant watch the video on this computer but ima watch it on my laptop when i get back home! u look like u had fun anyway! lol xx

    1. Thank you! I did have fun, even though I was poorly for all of it! Haha <3

  2. Well, since you said to put our favorite fruit mine is Starfruit! And I think you were great! I feel so bad you had to stay on the go for 24 hours! I hope you slept good when you got home!

    1. Haha yay! You read it! I didn't think anyone would read it since it's a really long post! Thank you! I did sleep for ages when I got back! I'm still recovering but I feel sooooo much better now! <3

  3. aaaawwww ladyli hunny, u didnt embarrass urself lovey! i think u looked really cute and its endearing that u kept doing silly things! LOL

    Btw pineapple ;) ^_^

  4. Replies
    1. Yay! I'm happy I could keep you reading for so long! <3


  6. Raspberries. I actually think you look more like Anastasiya Shpaghina, who is an acquaintance of Valeria. You should look her up, she's super cute.

    1. She added me on Facebook ages ago, I didn't know who she was but I just noticed she's on my friends list when I looked her up. *sigh* I guess I'm copying her too then =[ <3

  7. I wish I would understand anything in the Video
    I really liked your look in the Second Tv Show, especially the Wig so cute ♥
    It's Blueberrys ^_^

    1. Haha thank you! (And thank you for reading it all =]) <3

  8. hmm fav fruit would be melon:3

    But honestly I think it's more cute than emberassing the things that happened^^

    1. Yay, you read it all! Thank you, I just felt like a bit of an idiot since I didn't know anything that was going on haha <3

  9. Fuck valeria lukanova, u were here first and we all know it. seriously dont change coz of her, shes just some stuck up rich bitch. ur real and genuine. please dont change lhouraii

    1. Thanks but I don't think she's done anything wrong. I don't know much about her but she's very beautiful. <3

  10. tbh I think Val copied u. Everything she does is the exact same as what u do. Just not her clothes. I'm pissed for u tbh.

    1. Haha no, I doubt she would copy me. I do think she must have been inspired by the same things as I was, but not by me. <3

  11. Mango ;p.

    I think you actually look great in all the footage! But to be honest I'm surprised that nobody took the time to tell you about the customs on the shows. You know, the kissing twice, what they're going to ask you, and what is going to happen on the show. I know it's hella confusing. In my country we kiss three times, everywhere else it's like 2. And if you can't understand the language it's just awkward ;p.

    1. Thank you! =]

      Yes, no one told me anything! Haha I was so lost! I was brought up not even hugging, I didn't hug until about 2 years ago, and I still find it strange. So the kissing thing was all new to me! <3

  12. Kiwis. :)

    Love your pink wig! I think they should have just spoken in English and had Romanian subtitles for everyone at home - much easier than the annoying ear piece!

    1. Yay, you read it! =]

      Thanks! It would have been fine if I could have understood the translator and the earpiece was working. They just didn't do any technical checks before I went on <3

  13. As usual you look stunning.
    Congratulations for those TV programs! but so bad you got a bit sick. Of course if you were filming the whole day you must be really tired. I would be! When i go out for long hours my back start hurting a lot.
    But at least hope you had enjoyed your time there :)

    It must be so irritating that someone copy you! Only thinking of that makes me angry. Well, everyone is free to wear their own style but that someone said you copy her... I know you for many years and of i think you started it. Just ignore what others say.
    You are beautiful too :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I enjoyed it even though I was poorly! Haha

      Thank you, I guess there's nothing I can do about it! The only thing that annoys me is when people say I copied her. There were people with makeup like that even before I was doing it (Japanese gyaru) so it's annoying that people assume she invented the style and she gives to credit to her sources of inspiration <3

  14. /: That was so fail with the translator!

    Fave fruit is mangoes! :) And I loved your first and second outfits. <3 I'll try to watch the video later when my internet works better... xD

    1. I know, oh well! Thank you! I hope you like it! <3

  15. Pineapple!...or Strawberries...I can't decide I love fruit!

    Of course it was embarrassing but you were nervous in a country where you don't speak their native tongue, it's forgiven easily, and if anyone says they wouldn't have panicked and made mistakes then they lie! :P

    1. Hahaha yay, you read it! I can't choose a favourite either >_<

      Thanks, I hope you're right! <3

  16. Oh don't worry too much about it >.< Is it your first time on live TV? If so I'm sure the viewers will understand, and it's quite endearing the way you acted too ^_^

    Love your nails - don't change yourself for anyone! :O I think I know who you are talking about - is Valery the woman who got surgery to look like a real life Barbie complete with proportions? Still, we all love you the way you are :)

    Overall it sounded hectic and fun! Hope you get better >.<
    Visit my fashion/beauty blog at

    1. Ah, I think it is actually!

      Yes, I think she had ribs removed etc? I'm not sure how true that is though, but she does have a very tiny waist.

      Thank you! I'm recovering quickly! <3

  17. I don't really have a favourite, but I guess the fruit I get most excited about is strawberries! :3

    I haven't watched the video yet, but I totally feel for you! I get really flustered and confused when I'm trying to listen to two things at once, so I doubt you made the biggest fool possible of yourself. XD And you look great for someone who was about to pass out! Hehe.

    You're much prettier than those other 'Barbie' girls- they're right in the uncanny valley! I'd love to look like a doll, but preferably the kind people actually want to pick up and play with. XD You did a brilliant job on that presenter, too! *o*

    Looking forward to those 'behind the scenes' videos..! :D

    1. Yay! You read it!

      Haha thank you. I tried to just smile and keep my eyes open but as soon as I was back at the hotel I did pass out!

      No, no, no, no - I'm no where near how pretty they are. They're so thin and have straight teeth. I wasn't lucky enough to have a dentist, unfortunately! <3

    2. Oh, to have good teeth..! *sighs* I think your face shape is much nicer, though. :3 And they're a little bit too skinny (looks amazing in a few pictures but just terrifying in most of them)..! >.<

  18. Wish I understood what they were talking about D:
    But you look lovely and nothing like barbie at all (:
    Looks like you had fun even though you were so tired (:

    1. Haha me too, especially when they were talking to me! >_<

      Thank you! =] <3

  19. You look beautiful even when you were melting. Even through all the mess that occurred you made it through. Thumbs up for that ! :) I hope you can follow my blog Im an upcoming gyaru and you're my inspiration.

    1. Thank you! I'll go look at your blog now =] <3

  20. watermelon! you looked really cute btw :)

  21. Apple:)

    I think you did an amazing job, i'm a little annoyed to that they kept saying you wanted to look like barbie haha:) But I think it was cool that you did it!

  22. Melon ^^

    Loved this post btw, I really like when you give your post a more personal touch, like when you told us about the LOTR referenses you made, so hilarious xD

  23. Strawberries are yummy!!!!

    I'm soooo sorry u felt ill through all of that, it mustve been tough? I'm so glad the world is getting to see what a special person u are and that ur talent and beauty is being admired across the oceans! Despite the fact that they thought you wanted to be barbie I think you are doing a TOPNOTCH job as an ambassador for all things gyaru! Keep it up, I wish you all the peace, health and happiness you deserve and look forward to reading your next instalment!!!! Xxxxxxxxxx

  24. Glad you are back, and Oh my Gosh, freaking LOL @ the Mario guy! Just LOL Thanks I needed the laugh.

  25. Bananas....epic fail on trying to type from a smartphone....

    Anyway have you ever thought of wearing like really opaque tights or jeggings besides pants underyour skirts? I think they would be more comfortable and cool ^^.

  26. Can't decide on a favourite fruit.x_x Probably strawberries or cherries or watermelon or grapes or star fruit or...

  27. Uaaahhhh! I wish I would understand wht they are talking!!
    I think you did an awesome job tho! =)

    Ahhh... Valeria Lukyanova? >__<
    Idk, she had like 15 surgeries to look the way she is tho....
    I think "natural" is much more beautiful in that sense.

    Hmm.... favourite fruit.... maybe watermelon.

  28. Sooo.. to ease your soul, you were one of the LEAST embarrassing foreign guests those shows have. I'm romanian I should know.. lol But they really loved your look. They thought it was something you could make money of, like parties or concerts. Sucks that they thought you looked like Barbie, when Gyaru is such an interesting culture, but they're too old school to understand that.^^ As for mic and stage prep, those always go wrong. *sigh Let me know if you want me to translate specifics. You were really great! Oh and I like cherries!!!

  29. I'm a fruit hating vegetarian. If avocado is a fruit then that. (I love carrots though!!)

    none of that small stuff matters. plus when you say your face is melting I assure you it doesn't show. Can't watch the video at work though :(

    I must confess, I started wearing bindis because of you. I've always loved India, but still never thought about it before I saw it on you and thought it looks awesome. Nut now everyone thinks I got the idea from big brother because they had a bollywood week (in Finland that is) -__-

  30. my favorite fruit is a pomegranite! mmm

    anyway i think it's awesome that you pulled through everything and still managed to film two shows! i'm sure you didnt mess up as much as you think you did. you're your own biggest critic. also i LOVE how you did the hostess' makeup and let her wear your wig, awesome job

  31. OMG I live in Romania and I just found out you've been here aww x__x; I hope you'll come again so I can show you some cool places to get drunk haha~
    You did well and you were really really pretty! <3

  32. strawberries! however i love the make up you've done!!

  33. Wow this happened a while ago and I totally missed it ^^; My favorite fruit is Kiwi.
    I just wanted to say congratulations to you for going in the first place! Something like that takes a lot of courage, I don't think I would ever be confident enough to do that.
    I'm sorry you were ill too, considering what you were going through I think you come across well in the screen caps. I hope you have some good memories from it all though, and at least you can say that you did it.

  34. Hahah I dont know why but i just love the gif where u kissing with presenter, hahha so funny <3
    Mango ;D

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