Friday, 12 October 2012

New series of nails

I decided to make a new series of nails for my shop. They cost more to make so they're more expensive to buy. I bought some special charms to put on them. This set has a gecko on them!:

(BTW, the nail sets that I photograph are usually 'prototypes', I don't sell those ones. I keep them for reference and also sometimes wear them. Therefore, I use the worst-quality gems I have, I keep the best ones for the nails I sell! Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to use good gems for my own nails! I'm just saying this because I've had a few messages lately saying the gems look bad quality, so I thought I'd tell you the reason!)

Here is the listing in my shop:

There's a chain leading from the ring finger to the pinky finger on the right hand.

I really love the gecko!
1: You can see there's a piercing on the end of the gecko-nail!
2: I packed as much onto the nails as I could!
3&4: You can see the chain, I really love it!

I can't wait to wear these nails! I took way too many photos though, I can't decide which 5 to use for the Etsy listing! (There's even more than what I've posted here!)
 One nail on each finger is gold glitter and the rest are pink/white glitter!
There are only 4 available at the moment, because I could only afford 5 gecko charms! But I'm going to buy some different charms and create more 'luxury nails' like these ones.
These nails can be requested in any colour, but any other colour will need a looonngg waiting period, since I would need to order the parts in a different colour and I buy from China! Haha

I haven't done much lately, I've been recovering from Romania! But we have been vising the pub quite often:
Ah, I just remembered - my brain keeps teasing me! I keep having dreams that I'm in Japan and I'm in a supermarket. I run straight to the magazines and buy LOADS because they're only a few £! I get really happy and wake up smiling, then I realise I was dreaming! Haha >_< why does my brain keep taunting me?!

I haven't got many photos of me because I've been out mostly at night lately. I have these but I used the flash. I don't really like how I look using the flash, but oh well!:
I made sushi (vegetarian, of course!):
Lately, I've really had a craving to make a music video! It's hard though, when you're not a musician! Haha >_<

It seems like a really simple and easy way to start getting into film-making and also do a little acting. A short film would be good but I would need a plot-line, attention to the audio etc...... whereas, for a music video, I could just film lots of fun things and put them together. Obviously I would still need to plan out what to film, and when etc...... but yeah.

It would be soooooo fun to film one for Madonnas 'Material Girl'! I wish copyright didn't exist! Haha

Anyhoo...... now, I'll answer a few questions from my ask box!

Q: How long is your real hair?
A: The length it is in the photos! I don't measure it. I rarely wear extensions anymore, but when I do my hair is the same length as them anyway!

Q: Can I be a presenter for GGA 2013? (Asked a LOT!)
A: All presenters are chosen by me personally. I'm sometimes influenced by who people say they would like to see presenting but, other than that, no one else has a say about it! But you'll be able to participate in the awards by sending in a clip, I'll give details nearer the time!

Q: Where do you buy your wigs/hat?
A: All of them from Ebay!

Q: Don't you get warm wearing all those layers? What do you do in summer on really hot days?
A: I sweat!

Q: Did your boyfriend meet you as a gyaru? What does he think about your look?
A: Nope, we met 8 years ago, before I was gyaru. We haven't been together that long though! We lost touch for years. He says he likes however I look. Apparently, he loves me for my mind and he knows that I will look however I want to. He's really supportive about whatever I want to do/look like!

Well, that's it for now!



  1. *O* KAWAII!!!!!!

  2. can i review for my blog and they free for it?

  3. they really beautiful i really love so much your nails lhouraii *_&

  4. It sounds like you're still going to continue the GGA. That's great! Are you just going to do original sets, or will you create look alikes as well?

    1. Haha yes, I think so! At least for the next one! Look-a-likes? You mean similar to other nails? I actually get a few requests for stuff like that and I try my best to recreate the nails in photos people send me! <3

  5. cute nails and im happy ur still doing the gga :3

  6. Aww you have such a kind and sweet boyfriend :) And I had no idea all of that was your real hair, how lucky! I am struggling trying to grow mine past my shoulder blades let along get to my mid back length.

    1. Haha yes, he's too good for me! >_< I'm hoping my hair will grow even longer. Have you tried using the oil method I use? <3

  7. You make the most stunning nailss!!
    And you're beautiful too!!

  8. Your nails re amazing! I love lizard motive <3

  9. OHMAHGERD ur hair is so long! i am so jealous! T_T

    1. Haha thanks but it's also very damaged from bleaching! <3

  10. The new nails are stunning! As always you look fabulous.