Thursday, 18 October 2012

PRINCESS nails, Egg's Beauty and blog

I'm so happy because 'Egg's Beauty Autumn & Winter' has finally arrived!

It's soooo good, I love Yumachis nails in it, so I recreated them. I haven't photographed them yet though so I'll post them in my next update!

I bought 5 issues of Egg's Beauty because then I was eligible for free postage! So I'm selling the other issues! I'm selling them for £7 with £3 P+P. I'm selling them cheap, just to cover what I paid for them. I figure, if this works, it will be good for everyone who buys one because we all get them cheap!

Here are the listings:

They're the cheapest on the internet (that I could find, and I looked for hours) unless you buy in bulk like I did!

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in me doing this often? Like I said, I'm not doing this to make a profit, I'm doing it because it means I'll get the magazines at the cheapest available price! (And so will you!) It's like a ....... share? I'm not sure what to call it. Let me know if you would be interested or not!

Anyway, the other day we went to a museum:

(Please ignore the mess, we were........ spring cleaning......... in autumn!)

I wore blue lenses:

But I couldn't find all my lower lashes! I have loads of different varieties and all I could find were the worst ones!:
You can't even see them! >_<

Here I am at the museum!:
 They had a puzzle, but I couldn't do it!:

The museum had an Egyptian section, it was so cool! There was a maze of exhibits that were pitch black until you walked into them, then the lights switched on! It was so fun, I kept running around them:
I don't know what I was doing here:
But I think my hair looks nice in this photo:
There was a puppet..... thingy! We had our photo taken with the puppets but..... look at me! I was in RIDICULOUSLY high heels AND on my tip-toes..... I'm still barely reaching high enough to see above the ledge!
We went to a couple of shops afterwards, I bought some princess stickers for nail art!:
I made some nails with them today:
Here is the listing in my shop:

Here are some other nails I made recently:

I listed them in my shop here:

And here's a photo of Neton, I took it through a mirror when he wasn't looking!:

So, that's it for now! ....... I think!

I'm sure I'll remember something else once I've posted this! 

Haha, oh well! <3


  1. LOVE the nails! Will u buy Ageha?

    1. Thanks! Yes, if people are interested in buying it with me! <3

  2. yes ageha i agree with the anon! id buy an ageha from u their so expensive!

    1. lol i didn't finish my comment sorry! u look so cute in the first pic n i love those lenses! n the nails are just amazing xoxo

  3. i cant wait 2 see the yumachi nails :3 xx

    1. Thanks! I'll post them in my next entry! <3

  4. I guess the magazine thing counts as a GO(group order)? XD Definitely a good idea! I'd really tempted by the Egg Beauty magazine but even though it's the cheapest, £10 starting bid is still kind of expensive for me ATM. XD We'll see.

    Blue lenses look very sweet on you; love your eyebrow colour as well. :)

    I was considering getting some Disney princess stickers for nail art today but instead went for a sheet with clocks and keys so I can do a steampunk-inspired set with them. <3 Did you just use a regular top coat over your stickers? They look so glossy~! Your other set of nails are also amazing (glitterrrr)! *o*

    1. Ah, I didn't know the name for it, thanks!

      Cool! I'm actually going to do some steampunk nails too, I'm waiting for all the parts to arrive! I'm also trying to find some cheap clock parts - they're all so expensive!

      The shiny stuff is UV builder gel and then a top coat over it. <3

    2. Wah, I was actually going to bid on one of the magazines but I forgot at the last minute. T^T

      Ahh, I see! Gel seems really cool but I haven't bought any yet~ (Kind of sad that I went and bought acrylic first, but of course acrylic has its own uses as well. ^^) I bet your steampunk set will look amazing! *_* I'm just planning on using stickers for my metallic parts since it's surprisingly awkward/expensive to buy real parts.

    3. Well, if you're still interested, there's one left and I'm going to list it back on Ebay soon.

      If you get some builder gel, you'll need to get a UV lamp too. And some special wipes and cleaning solution. It took me a while to figure out everything I needed because there didn't seem to be much information about it online. So, if you have any questions about it I'd be happy to answer them for you. I don't want you to feel as confused as I did when I started using UV gel! Haha <3

    4. Thanks~ Actually I know a fair bit about using UV gel, which is part of the reason I'm so reluctant to start lol. XD I guess eventually I will give in though~ Do you think it's more cost effective to buy a kit or get everything individually?

  5. I love Dinsey Princesses nails!!! So sweet <3

  6. those nails are amazing *-*

  7. The new nails are amazing, I love what you did with the stickers. You are so creatively awesome.

  8. You make way too gorgeous things! *_* You're a big inspiration for me!

    1. Thank you! That's so kind of you to say! <3

  9. Love the Disney Princess nails! Too bad there was no Princess Jasmine :P