Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gaijin Gyaru Awards NOMINEES 2013!

/\ Here are the nominees for this years GGA! /\

Please pass around the video, I'm not in any gyaru communities anymore and I don't talk to many so it's all up to you to spread the word! Haha >_< The awards belong to us all, after all! I just host it!

Link to the video:

Please send in clips of you cheering on your favourite nominee(s)! Good luck to everyone!

Here are a few photos from that day:
Bye! <3


  1. yay! I nominated River, Anji and Jessica! ^^

  2. There is a good mixture this year ladyli!

  3. thank u so much for ur hard work with the gga!!!!!!! never stop!!!!!

  4. omg yesssss i will watch this as soon as i get home XD

  5. Replies
    1. you horrible person don't be so pathetic lhouraii hasn't done anything to you, so shut the fuck up,

  6. u l00ked gr8!! *_* <3333333333

  7. I love this make-up on you! and the anonymous person, needs to get a life.

  8. Love these lenses on you! They're super pretty~ Thank you for your hard work on the GGA. It's a pleasure to watch every year! Take care ^__^ <3

  9. U look so beautiful Lhouraii. I love your make up and blond hair <333

    Anyway I can't wait for results of voting :]

  10. Pleeeeaaaasssse hurry with the review on these lenses! They're sooo pretty! {^3^}

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