Friday, 7 November 2014

Bonfire Night 2014

/\ I don't have an explanation for that photo /\ I guess I was bored!

So, in the UK, there is a tradition called 'Bonfire Night'. You can look it up for more info and history on the matter!

So, basically, every year - on the 5th of November - the UK is filled with 'bonfires' and fireworks. The night before bonfire night is 'mischievous Night' - where people go around being mischievous - so, it's best to stay indoors if you're over here on the 4th of November! It reminds me a little bit of 'The Purge' (but, obviously no where near as dramatic!)!

So, I went to a Bonfire and it was soooooo busy!

My hair and makeup wasn't anything special:
Most people wear scruffy clothes to a bonfire, so I didn't wear anything too bright!
When we were at the bonfire, it was soooooo busy! It was at a country pub - how could it have been so busy?! It was hard to get to the bar for drinks. When we got our drinks, we walked to the area with the bonfire and firework display. The fireworks were so good! 

Anyway, after the fireworks finished, we walked up to the bonfire. I noticed that 2 of my nails were missing, so I walked back to where I was stood when watching the fireworks. I was looking on the floor and a woman noticed and said "Have you lost a nail?" I said I had so she whipped out a GIGANTIC torch to lighten up the floor and shouted: 

"This girl has lost a nail! She's lost a nail! This girl's lost one of her nails!"

So then there was a whole crowd of people looking for my nails! 

It was soooo embarrassing! >_< I just said:

"Oh, no, no, no! It's fine! I have many more, it's ok! Thank you though!"


I didn't even get a good photo of them:
The hands were 2 colours.
Neton was cold all night, I wasn't that cold - I think my hair kept me warm!:
So, we went to the local pub afterwards - we were in time for the quiz. It was soooo difficult! OMG. I only knew like 2 answers (out of over 60 questions). Luckily, we'd joined a team with some other people this time, so they knew more.

One of the questions was 'What is a group of piglets called'. The acceptable answer was 'A drift'. People kept saying 'A litter' and they were told it was wrong. However, I've looked it up and apparently, it can be either. 

That pub has been wrong before too, one question a while ago was something like:

"What is the largest desert?'
The real answer is: 'Antarctica' - which is what we said.
They said we were wrong though, because it's 'The Sahara desert'. 

I guess pub quizzes aren't known for their accuracy, anyway! >_< It's still fun to do!

So, we decided that Bonfire night would mark the beginning of Christmas for us. We put up our decorations yesterday!
The tree is too big to fit anywhere! So, we had to put it there, oh well!
This Christmas banner has a spelling error!:

'Merry Chrastmas' - and the 'A' is half cut off too!

Amethysts bed looks so cosy now! She likes looking out of the window from it!
We drank sherry, listened to Christmas songs, watched Christmas films and lit the fireplace! People say I celebrate too early but I love Christmas too much! 
Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. i like the fairy pic lol ;3

  2. FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. That was not necessary man. See what happens you when drink hatorade? Jealous much?

      I deleted my first comment to this person because I wanted to add to it and that was the only reason. Hugs!

  3. I missed the whole fiasco this year. It's all too hectic for me since I have a son now and the noises can scare him sometimes. I think I'll start going once he's around 5 or 6. I'm happy you seemed to have a good time. xx

    1. Thanks! There were some children there but I would be scared of them running into the fire or something! <3

  4. i like the last photo the best! I love all that is galaxy and pastel! *_@

  5. sorry about the nails

  6. The birth of Jesus the Christ is always a wonderful celebration, everyone should love Christmas, because it's Jesus's birthday!!

    I love Amethyst's bed, and you look beautiful as usual!

    1. Personally, I don't celebrate it as a religious occasion but as a tradition.

      Thank you! She's in her bed at the moment! She loves it! <3

    2. Well it's called Christmas because of Christ, it's the day Jesus was born, even if you don't believe it.

      Sometimes things that are true are things that can not be seen but are still real and true none the less. Like if someone did not know you had blonde hair because they never saw a picture of you and you told them over the phone your hair is blonde, they would have to take your word for it...but if because they could not see your hair they decided not to believe you, it does not make the fact that your hair is blonde any less true.

      It's alright though, I do not force my belief on others, I just wanted to spread the reality of the meaning behind Christmas.

      Blessings to you. ♥

    3. Haha yes, I know it's origins. I appreciate that! I was just saying that I, personally, celebrate the occasion as a tradition (since I'm not Christian), instead of a religious holiday - as many people do in this age.

      But, I think evidence came out that Jesus was born in about August-September - they celebrate his birth in Winter to make the Pagan 'Winter Solstice' a Christian festival - since they didn't want the Pagan religion to succeed. As far as I'm aware, the whole 'Christmas Tree' thing comes from paganism - don't take my word for it though, I'm not pagan either!

      I'm not saying his birth shouldn't be celebrated at Christmas (it's called 'Christmas' for a reason! >_<), I'm just saying that some of us aren't Christian, but we still like to celebrate western traditions - I'm not denying it's also a Christian holiday. <3

    4. I know you are Hindu, I respect that, I actually practice some of the same things as Hindus such as chanting and meditation.

      That whole thing about the pagans is a lie made up by someone who wants to discredit Christianity. The pagans also claim that Devil worshipers stole the pentagram and baphomet from them, which that part I believe, but if it were me, I would not want to admit that, lol.

      I'm sort of a Christian mystic if there were that sort of believe, lol. Anyhow, I never intended to seem like I was poking my finger lol.

      I wish you well, and love, and peace and really love your blog. I respect your belief and know it is one of peace. Hugs

    5. I'm pretty sure that thing about Paganism is a historic fact with evidence - although, I don't really know, so don't take my word for it! It's not like I was there or anything! Haha >_< Even if it is true, it doesn't discredit Christianity at all - many Christian historians have discussed the whole ordeal as an interesting moment in western history, but it didn't make them think any less of their Christian beliefs, or even of Christmas - It's widely accepted as a Christian holiday non-the-less!

      Haha that's awesome that you are a 'Christian Mystic'! It sounds pretty interesting! And yeah, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was 'pointing my finger' too! As neither a Christian or Pagan, it doesn't affect me, so I just see it as history and I like to have discussions about it - but I can see how that can be misinterpreted as accusations by someone of either faith discussed - so I'm sorry if it was!

      Mutual respect! =] <3

  7. Did you film any of your evening? going to a display myself this weekend hoping to get some footage x

    1. I did actually, I don't know if it's worth uploading or not though.

      I hope you have fun! <3

  8. i love the clothes you make. esp this one, it has a 'colour shift' in the fabric.

    btw the other day i was watching a video on how you make these dresses, and a video popped up in 'suggested'... it was a song about you! by someone saying you're her sister...i just thought that was cool. the lyrics were kinda sad but i don't think that singer gets how 'dressing up is half the fun' hehe

    if i ever end up using your tutorial to make a dress, i'll let you know! i plan to try it this weekend, but my sewing machine is at someone's house...they still haven't returned it >:(

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yes, she was a song writer. I know she thought I got dressed up 'for men' and not for the fun of it - but I have to not take things personally, I guess! >_<

      Awesome! I hope you find it easy to follow! I'm not the best at explaining things! >_< <3

    2. Hehe my sis is the same way! She didn't understand why ppl get gussied up even for weddings, but recently she just stopped insulting me n actually uses eyeliner now!!! Hehe. Omg I just feel so close to u when i see all the hard work u put into ur life to make things beautiful or memorable!! I got all gussied up today for the first time in a while, and it turned out to make the 'hour on the dance floor' (or in this case, at shopS) more fun for me! Different strokes for different blokes.

    3. That's funny because I have to 'dress down' for weddings! >_<

      Thank you so much!

      Haha I'm happy that you had fun at the shops! <3

  9. I thought you made the fairy wings as a random cosplay or something since I've been looking up how to make them for a cosplay recently. There very pretty and match your style completely, though. Omg that lost nail story was funny! That's an interesting holiday. And that tree is gorgeous. Well, anything looks prettier with Christmas lights lol. What's your dog's name?

    1. Haha no - I just badly edited them on! I like editing my photos into mermaids/fairies/etc - although, I'm not very good at it! It's just a pass-time.

      Yeah, I love this tree too! My dogs name is Luna. <3

  10. I wish more people want to start with christmas decoration earlier, I love christmas time so much too!!!

    1. Me too! Celebrations don't last long enough!

      I start celebrating Halloween in September and Christmas in November! I also celebrate birthdays for 1 week, instead of 1 day! <3

  11. You're sexy Lhouraii