Friday, 6 June 2014

Cursed Purple Day!

I made a new dress the other day and finished it a couple of days ago. The top part of it was going to be the shiny purple cloth that's on the dummy (right) in this photo:
But I decided I didn't like how it looked so I made it in some different purple cloth instead.

My room is such a mess now though because I tried making so many dresses. Lots of cloth is just in a big pile - it's still there now, I guess I should move it after posting this!
Anyway, my makeup was just a pink-purple gradient:
I prefer how the eyeshadow looks in flash though:
I made matching nails, but I couldn't get any good photos:
I'm just going to spam you with photos of these nails, because I love them and you really can't see them properly in the photos for some reason!
I love the huge dangly! /\
I used some strange metallic, irradescent rock shards on the nails, they look like they came from a rock like this:
I bought them from a museum years ago and just found them again. You can't really see how cool they look in the photos I took though! >_<
Oh woe! Oh well!
Oh, but I found out something recently. I have some weird eye problem called 'Visual Snow' which means I'm constantly seeing 'snow'. But it doesn't look like snow it looks like static, like on a tv. I don't know how long I've had it either, I think I may have been born with it and, obviously, just not known because I've never known anything different from it. So yeah, I see static constantly, even in complete darkness and when my eyes are closed - I just assumed everyone saw it! I found out because a year or so ago I asked Neton if he sees lots of tiny light moving around quickly when we were walking in pitch black. He said no, and I forgot about it until about a month ago when I was staring at the wall, trying to see a mark on it but all the 'static' was getting in the way so I couldn't see the mark properly. I remembered what Neton said and I looked it up and found out!

So yeah, it doesn't really bother me, it would be nice if a cure came along some day though because it does make it difficult to see things properly. But it doesn't have any huge effect on my life, I think.
But ARGH. Remember in my last post when I said I've tried filming a video about 7 times? Well, make that 8. I tried re-filming it again yesterday but as soon as I went outside it started raining and the sky went dark with grey clouds, so even taking photos we had to use flash! It looks like my bad look curse is still active then! 
It's funny though because Neton caught a photo of me having a mini-strop:
Haha >_<

I hope next time I try to film the video it goes better.

So yeah, anyway, the dress:
I love it, purple is my favourite colour. Technically, I should be sick of it though, because I was brought up only wearing purple as a child. But I love it!

Neton said this is his favourite dress, it isn't my favourite though but I do really like it.
I didn't even get to twirl in it, because of the rain! >_< Gah! I will wear it again soon, I guess!

So, later that night, we went and got drunk in the countryside, I look so funny here!:
Ah, it sucks that I couldn't get any good photos of my nails!:
Luna is so cute though, she's started laying down with her paw like this:
She never used to do it but she does it all the time now! Haha >_<

Now, to end the blog with funny 'Zelda' screen-caps! So, I'm playing 'Twilight Princess' now and I decided to use the name 'ur balls' - like I did when I was recently playing 'Skyward Sword'. However, on 'Twilight Princess' you get to name your horse too! I called her... 'my vag'! And it's been hilarious!:
I love this one! >_<:
Hahahaha >_<

Anyway, until next time! Bye bye! <3


  1. woooow ur nails *-* so perfect!!!
    beautiful as always~
    thank you for ur post, dear ^^

    ♥my blog♥

  2. Replies
    1. aw fuck, i thought id really got first this time, i aint even read ur post yet i scrolled straight down lol sigh, ima read it now and then get back to u!

    2. Aw, haha >_< maybe next time! <3


  4. I've always wondered if people see things differently but we just don't know because they don't know any different like you said. Like do all people see blue as blue or is the sky neon yellow to them but they've been taught it's blue. Or some people might even see in colors that I've never seen before. I'm happy you are sort of proving my theory true but I'm sorry for your eye problem at the same time lol. I can't imagine what it's like to see static all the time, doesn't it drive you nuts? (Sammy H R)

    1. Haha not really, I'm used to it.

      I understand what you mean though, I wonder things like that too! I hope that one day people will be able to see out of others eyes somehow, then we'll find out! <3

  5. i died at the zelda caps i just can't... im dead lmfao

    1. Haha, I was laughing too much to concentrate on the game when I was playing it! >_< <3

  6. beautiful as usual purple suits you so good x

  7. what video were you filming btw (same anon as above)

  8. lmao i dont know thw game but i can apreciate the situation lmao

  9. Oh sweet Jesus, your nails are stunning <3
    The dress is really pretty ☆彡
    I love your Zelda screen caps, you should make a video playing~!

    1. Thank you so much!

      I actually thought about doing gaming videos a while ago, maybe on a separate Youtube channel or something but I don't know if many people would be interested and also I would have to buy something to capture the screen as I played it! I might still do it though! <3

  10. You're absolutely stunning, I love your tan. Is it natural or fake?

  11. omg i never even knew there was a term for always seeing static, i just thought everybody saw like that too!

  12. LOL the zelda names are so hilarious when you played it! Love your eye makeup! I kinda had this static snow issue too but mine is more like static random bird flying around hahah