Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mermaid Hair!

I crimped my hair the other day (without heat). All night people kept coming up to me and saying I looked like a mermaid! Haha yay! 
This is after I took the braids out (without brushing):
And this is after I brushed it:
For the first time, I actually wore nails that were all matching!:
.... Well, minus two leopard ones! I actually find it impossible to do a set of nails that are all similar!   Haha >_<
I had a few braids in my hair but you can't see them.
From the back:
Anyway, we went to a 'Beer Festival'. I don't drink beer, I drink whisky and cocktails but it was still so much fun! There were tons of new people there. There was a vegetarian woman there and I said to her "I can tell you're vegetarian" and she looked shocked and said" Wow, how?". I told her it's because of her face. It's weird how you can just tell some people are vegetarian just by looking at them. You can basically see how their soul is truly peaceful just by looking at their eyes. 
Anyway, I got sooooo drunk. Like, reeeeally drunk. We went to someones house afterwards and drank their whisky! They were too generous! Hahaha >_< Anyway, when we left (I can't remember leaving) I was (according to Neton) falling over all the way back home and then I passed out at home in my makeup and extensions and everything! HAHA >_< Omg. I don't remember any of it! So Neton took my makeup and extensions off for me.

Neton said I kept asking him to "Drink my hair"............ HUH?! 

I'm never drinking that much ever again!



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  2. Please do a hair tutorial for this look!

  3. how ur hair is so long? is it troubling to u? kisses darling.

    1. I'll probably make a video about hair growth soon. I've mentioned it quite a lot in other posts.

      It is troubling though, yes! It's so annoying! Haha <3

  4. how are people commenting with their tumblr accounts on blogger? i have a tumblr but i cant follow blogger blogs on it :/ i dont have a blogger account but i hate commenting anon!

    1. Hm.... I'm not sure. I just looked it up and it seems they're just writing their name and linking it to their tumblr account.

      Where you click to reply as 'anonymous', there's an option that says 'Name/URL'. I think you can write your name and link the url with it. I'm not sure though, I'm still learning about 'Blogger'! <3

  5. Awh I love crimped hair on you! So pretty (^__^) <3
    also your nails look so awesome :3

  6. So pretttyy :D I'm always a fan of braided crimp hair but it never turns out as nice as yours!! :O
    Drink my hair XDD hahahaha

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