Thursday, 14 March 2013


Wow, so - I haven't updated in a while! People are beginning to get a little impatient for the GGA announcements! I've explained this before but here I go again:

I tallied up the votes and started on the awards but the laptop broke. Everything is on that, Neton told me he's going to get it fixed but who knows when that will be! So, I'm having to do everything again! Please take a moment to think about how long it would take to tally up hundreds of votes - each voter has like.... 20+ (?) categories (Best eye makeup etc)and they have the option to name as many nominees per category as they want! Keeping that in mind, I can't actually stay on the computer for long because I get migraines, also I'm having a hard time focusing lately (I'm not looking for sympathay, I'm just explaining!). There was one person who said I'm being 'half-assed' about it - I hope my explanation has made it clear that I'm not, in fact, taking a 'half-assed' approach!

Anyway, Neton has offered to help me tally up. He started like 2 days ago and he's currently done about 50 - so he has a long way to go! I appreciate how patient you're all being and I'm so sorry for how long this is taking. Please believe me when I say I'm trying the best I can, under the circumstances!

ANYWAY, on with the blog!

Last night we went to the pub quiz, we got 21 out of 42 haha (Not bad for a team of 2 idiots though!)
I wore some simple blue nails:
I'm going to list them in my shop.
So, yeah, we got pretty drunk last night!
Hahaha >_<

I'm not sure what I'm doing here:
When we were walking home I randomly said "Pretend I'm coming out of this wall" - This is me saying it while positioning my foot on the wall:
I actually have no idea, but I do remember finding it incredibly funny at the time:
Then this is me laughing about 'Maboob':
.... It's not how it sounds! Basically, when my sister was in school she had a classmate called 'Maboob'. One day, he was tickling the person next to him so they put their hand up and said "Miss! Maboob's tickling me!" >_< So, all last night, we were thinking of other funny sentences using the name 'Maboob'!

"Maboob keeps sliding down the chair"
"Maboob hit me"
"I have a crush on Maboob"
"Maboob tries to tell everyone what to do"

There were so many! I actually laughed my eyelashes off twice! I had to go to the toilets to glue them back on! Haha >_< You might not find it funny, but I guess I'm just immature! If you think of any other good ones, write it in the comments!

Speaking of immature! Here are some more Zelda 'screen-cap' things! Neton called his character 'my penis':
Oh, by the way! I'm so excited because I have so many awesome lenses on their way here! I can't wait to review them! 

Ah, I have so many photos I haven't uploaded - like some from near Christmas! The laptop breaking has just screwed stuff up so much! Oh well! I'll try to upload them soon! 

YAY! It's snowing! <3


  1. so cute (Chichi)

  2. LMAO! maboob! lololololol.

    cute nails and btw i just found ur blog thru my friend on FB, luv ya! im subbed!

  3. people are so impacient. take ur time ladyli. u invented the awards so u decide when they are. :) xx

    1. Thank you! I know I created them but I want the GGA to be a community thing, so it's like everyone owns them....... if you get what I mean? <3

  4. what game is that is it good

    1. It's 'Zelda - Skyward Sword' - it's amazing! <3

  5. ur no manba anymoar? D:

  6. Oh my I laughed so hard about the Zelda name xDD

  7. love your bag! what brand was it and where did you get it?

  8. hmmm...whats your height & weight? :D CURIOUS!

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