Tuesday, 6 November 2012


So it's taken me a while to create this blog post! I've been so busy with my science degree and other stuff!

On Halloween, Neton and myself both went as elves! We didn't have costumes so we just used cloth! Haha
I wore a gold dress and put greenish-gold cloth over the top of it then I used a belt to keep it there! I used more green cloth as a cloak! I was going to wear my long blonde wig but it's ruined so I wore the long blue one instead!
I made a set of nails to wear like an hour before I had to start getting ready! So they were kind of rushed!
The red thing in one of the nails is a leaf! I found it on the floor that morning. It's so pretty!

My new shoulder pads! I bought them in Romania! I'll be posting photos of them soon!

I made the elf ears from paper mache! Then I glued them to a small head band!
I coloured them with makeup and then used hairspray to set it haha
/\ Matching eyes, eyebrows and hair!
/\ By the way, whenever you see a photo of me like this (with a blurred background), it isn't me trying to be artistic........ it's just me trying to hide a messy room! Haha
Neton broke his ears! So they kept falling off throughout the night!:
We went to our local pub and played a game of chess:
I won:
Guess what colour I was! Haha

Neton and his beer:
People kept thinking he was dressed as a hobbit! >_<
We won the fancy dress competition though! Probably because we were some of the only people who dressed up! We walked in and were like....... damn. Luckily, it's hard to make me feel stupid in embarrassing situations! And we won a free bottle of wine!

We went to a guys house to share the wine with him and, after we drank it, we walked back home:
We were both really drunk at this point. I like how my cloak looks in that photo, it's a shame it's blurred! /\
I tried to get a photo of us both together but Neton kept making me laugh as I was taking it! So we're both laughing in every single photo:
This is my favourite photo though!:
I hate my face in it but Neton looks so funny! I have no idea what he was doing! >_<

So we had a really good Halloween! I woke up too hungover though! 

Yesterday I was going to film a 'haul' video but felt like doing my makeup differently. I tried doing 'normal' heavy makeup....... it completely failed! So I didn't film the video!
I looks so weird! I hate it! I'm never wearing makeup like that again!

I would have looked better not bothering putting on any makeup!

I look like a completely different person! 

Anyhooo...... I recently got two new wigs. One was a second-hand, reeeeally cheap Halloween witch/wizard wig. I re-styled it with scissors, hairspray, talc and back-combing!
It still isn't finished......

The other wig is just a blonde one that I got for like £3!:

Also, I've recently found out there are Gaijin Gyaru magazines! I think this is great! There are 2 that I know about, if there are any more please tell me! It's like in Japan they have Egg, Ageha and others - so it's great that we have 'Gal Vip' and 'YOK'. Sorry if the spelling of any name is wrong, I think that's what they're called! But yeah, you should definitely support both magazines! Doing so will allow them to grow and improve for your benefit! 

The editing in both is amazing. 'Yok' advertised my nails, which I'm incredibly grateful for. I love the way they've edited the photo together:
You can find Gal Vip here:

And 'Yok' here:



  1. gaijin gal mags? wtf really???? omfg gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!! XD

  2. I think the new makeup looked nice xoxo

  3. Awwww I absolutely love all of the photos of your two together; you look like such a cute couple! :D Also thanks for mentioning the magazines. I work for GAL VIP but YOK also has my full support and the first issue looks great! :)

    1. Thank you! Ah that's great! I love what I've seen of both so far. I'll try to support both, I knew about 'Gal Vip' a while ago but I only just found out about 'Yok' today.... or yesterday! <3

  4. where to buy magazines?

    1. I'm not actually sure! Visit the Facebook pages and ask them =] <3

  5. wow u looked awsum! i think u shud of filmed the video yesterday tho u looked great! its weird seeing u as not a gal! im not sure if i like it lol but u looked great anyway! those magazines sound awsum too! where do u buy them from? xx

    1. Thank you! Haha no, that's the best photo from yesterday! I looked absolutely terrible! But thank you!

      I'm not sure where you would buy those magazines, you're best asking on the Facebook pages! =] <3

  6. good to know ur science degree is going good!

  7. Have you ever considered entering cosplay competition as a full time hobby? I bet you would be amazing with your sense of style and ability to make things by hand :D

    1. Hm...... I can honestly say it's never even crossed my mind. I don't know anything about Cosplay, other than it's people dressing like Anima characters. Since I don't watch Anime I doubt I would be any good! I'm not even sure we have those competitions in this country. <3

  8. Hello again!
    I loved your cosplay ELFO, much like a character from Record of Lodoss Wars ... deverias TRUE TO INVESTIGATE IF YOU DO COSPLAY, SERIOUS COSPLAYER A VERY GOOD! ... AND YOUR BOYFRIEND LOOKS great too!
    As for your other attempt MAKEUP, loved, your eyes are very sexy with that effect SMOKED ...
    And you look smaller AGE!
    Indeed, many congratulations on your program in Romania!